What Do Your Emotional Responses to These Questions Say About Your Spirit Animal?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Throughout any given day, we experience a range of different emotions. Some of us are masters at hiding our thoughts, but the rest of us have terrible poker faces. During this quiz, we want to examine your emotional responses to our questions. When you've finished telling us what you really think, we will let you know the things you've secretly revealed about your spirit animal.

Our spirit animals are most likely not out there taking a quiz. Instead, they are out there living with their gut instincts - responding to every situation they are presented with simple survival skills. While we cannot guarantee that they have emotions, we know that you do. By taking a look at the way you emotionally respond to questions, we'll know more about your spirit animal than your spirit animal knows about you!

Learning about your spirit animal and evaluating your emotions are both great ways to get in touch with yourself. Whether you have the killer instincts of a wolverine or you are as cuddly as a kitten, knowing what you have in common with your spirit animal can give you a brand new way to focus yourself. If you're already feeling moved to answer, we already know that you're as perceptive as a hawk. Now, let's find out what else is happening in your spirit animal world!

How would you react to losing a game of Monopoly?

How do you feel when you watch the news?

A mouse runs across your foot - what do you do?

What would you do if you saw a stray black cat?

Your best friend tells you a little, white lie - what are you feeling?

Your coworker gets a promotion you wanted - how do you handle it?

If you cut yourself washing dishes, what would you do?

Which emotion would you feel if your best friend announced that they were moving?

If you missed your flight, which reaction would you have?

What makes you most emotional?

You and your ex show up at the same party - what do you do?

You just won $10,000! What is your first reaction?

Your boss caters a lunch for no reason - what are you thinking?

There's a bear lounging on your porch - which emotion hits you first?

What are you like when you are hungry?

Someone reports one of your social media posts - what are you thinking?

Which emotion would you experience if your debit card were declined?

What would you say if you walked into a room with toilet paper on your shoe?

Would you consider yourself a hothead?

Which emotion do you experience first thing in the morning?

Someone cuts you off in traffic - what do you do?

How would you feel to learn that your favorite show was canceled?

If the coworker next to you were sick, what would you do for them?

What reaction do you have to hearing a crying baby?

Which trait do you see when you look into a dog's eyes?

Which word makes you feel most hopeful?

Would you agree or disagree to being called high maintenance?

How do you feel when you are running late for an appointment?

Which type of animal stirs up the most feelings when you see the name?

How do you behave when you are sleepy?

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