Quiz: What Do Your Co-Workers Think of You?
What Do Your Co-Workers Think of You?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

From the office clown to the den mother to the mentor to the gossip, we all have a role to play in office dynamics. Where do your co-workers think you stand?

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Do you ever hang out together outside of work?

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Do you know the latest office gossip?

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Are you in any groups or schemes for management training or mentorship?

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When a new person joins, are you the one who shows them around?

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Do you try to go above and beyond?

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Which would you rather get used: the best idea, or your idea?

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Are you the one whose meeting notes people like to look at later, even if it wasn't your job?

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In the break room, do you wash up your mug after you use it?

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Do you think you're secretly just a little bit smarter than everyone else at the office?

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