What Do Your Co-Workers Think of You?

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From the office clown to the den mother to the mentor to the gossip, we all have a role to play in office dynamics. Where do your co-workers think you stand?

Do you ever hang out together outside of work?

Do you know their family's names?

Do you organize the birthdays and get well cards?

Do you watch the clock?

Have you ever been promoted at work?

Do people come to you for work-related advice?

Do you know the latest office gossip?

Do upset people cry on your shoulder?

Do people ask to have you on their team when there's a project?

As far as you know, has anyone complained about you behind your back?

Has anyone complained about you to your face?

Are you in any groups or schemes for management training or mentorship?

Do you have a mentor?

Do you mentor anyone else?

When a new person joins, are you the one who shows them around?

Do you try to go above and beyond?

Which would you rather get used: the best idea, or your idea?

Do you speak a lot in meetings?

Are you the one whose meeting notes people like to look at later, even if it wasn't your job?

Do you speak up if you see mildly naughty behavior like stealing printer paper?

Do you engage in said naughty behavior?

In the break room, do you wash up your mug after you use it?

There are five people on the team and eight delicious sugary donuts in the box. What do you do?

Have you ever brought cake or snacks to work for everyone?

Do you genuinely like your colleagues?

Are you trusted to be in charge of the playlist when it's time to put the music on?

Have you ever violated the dress code?

Do your co-workers feel safe to friend you on social media?

Do you think you're secretly just a little bit smarter than everyone else at the office?

What quality do you like in a co-worker?

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