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The outer space Western "Firefly," is often mentioned in the short list of TV programs that were canceled far too soon. As it stands, there are just 13 episodes of the beloved show -- how much do you know about "Firefly"?

What sort of TV show is "Firefly"?

"Firefly" is science fiction Western show that takes place in space beginning in the year 2517. It was written and directed by Joss Whedon.


The show follows a group of people onboard a ship that's named _____.

This series is all about the humans onboard the "Serenity." They use their ship to explore a vast new planetary system in the farthest reaches of the galaxy.


Who is the captain of the Serenity?

Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds is the captain of the Serenity. He's a fierce fighter who values his independence above all else.


How does the show get its name?

"Firefly" refers to a class of starship. The Serenity is a Firefly-class ship equipped with a high-speed gravity drive propulsion system.


In "Our Mrs. Reynolds," Mal successfully completes a job, only to realize what fact?

Mal wraps up an easy gig, but there's a catch -- the fine print shows that he also agreed to marry a young woman. But his new "wife" Saffron is a criminal.


In "Heart of Gold," the crew must help a woman who is worried about _____.

Nandi is a prostitute who has accidentally been impregnated … and the father might kill her. The crew sets out to save the woman and her unborn child.


Which person serves as second in command aboard the Serenity?

Zoe is Malcolm's second-in-command officer, who served with him during wartime. She's married to the ship's pilot.


Which character has unresolved romantic feelings for Mal?

Inara works over rich men for money. But she has deep romantic feelings for Mal, and that attachment comes back to haunt her.


In "Shindig," Mal doesn't like the way Atherton treats Inara. The two end up fighting with ____.

Mal and Atherton are at odds over Inara. They go old-school, picking up swords and dueling until Mal finally wins.


What job does "Wash" have aboard the ship?

Hoban "Wash" Washburne is the ship's capable and daring pilot. He's the guy who can crack a joke in any situation, no matter how dire.


In "Objects in Space," River innocently picks up a stick, which turns out to be ____.

River picks up a "stick," but it's not a stick at all. It turns out to be a gun, and her misperception makes the crew wonder if she's nuts.


In "The Train Job," the crew takes a job robbing a train, only to find out that they have deprived the locals of what product?

The crew successfully completes their heist … but then realizes that they've stolen medicine that that locals need to survive. They decide that they must right their wrong.


In "Objects in Space," Jubal Early captures which member of the crew?

Early, a bounty hunter, captures Simon. But River convinces Early to take her as a prisoner in Simon's place.


What role does Kaylee play on the ship?

Kaylee is Serenity's mechanic. Not only is she a top-notch technician, she's probably the nicest and most sincere person onboard.


Malcolm and Zoe fought together in which war?

Mal and Zoe fought in the Unification War … and they were on the losing side. Now, they explore the galaxy together, sometimes to Wash's chagrin.


In "Out of Gas," the ship's compressor coil explodes, severely wounding ____.

Zoe is hurt badly by the explosion. Mal must race to save her life and somehow restore the ship's systems before everyone dies.


Who are the Reavers?

The Reavers are a group of violent people who behave a lot like animals. They are a constant threat in "Firefly."


In "War Stories," Mal and Wash are held for ransom, but Zoe only has enough money to pay for the freedom of one man. Who does she choose?

Zoe immediately spends the money to save Wash, her husband. Then the crew sets out to rescue Mal.


Who is the child prodigy aboard Serenity?

River is the young girl who is smuggled aboard the Serenity by her brother. Not only is she incredibly smart, she also has psychic abilities.


After Simon smuggles River aboard the Serenity, what do we learn about his little sister?

River was subjected to awful experiments by the Alliance. Those tests resulted in her brain developing some oddly advanced capabilities.


What is Inara Serra's job?

Inara is a "Companion," a courtesan who is licensed by the Alliance. Her services are available only to wealthy clients.


In "Safe," why do a bunch of religious nuts try to burn River at the stake?

In this episode, some religious types seize River and try to burn her because they think she's a witch. Fortunately, the crew of the Serenity stops the murder.


During "The Message," Mal and Zoe get a package. What's in it?

Mal and Zoe receive a package containing the body of their war comrade Tracey. They attempt to honor his wish to be buried at home.


In "War Stories," Mal is tortured and ____.

Niska tortures Mal … and then kills him. But then he intentionally revives Mal to start the process all over again.


In "Our Mrs. Reynolds," Saffron kisses Mal, and then what happens?

Saffron is a traitor … her lips are coated with a drug that renders Mal unconscious. Then she takes control of the ship.


During "The Message," Mal and Zoe grieve their deceased friend Tracey, only to learn what fact?

In the process of trying to return Tracey's body to his home for burial, they learn that their friend is still alive … and he's smuggling organs for cash.


In "Jaynestown," the crew visits a town called Canton for a job. Why is Jayne worried about visiting the town?

Once upon a time, Jayne robbed Canton's magistrate … and everyone there knows about it. But as it turns out, they don't revile him, they think he's hero.


In "Trash" Mal and Saffron set out to steal a valuable weapon … and Mal discovers what?

Saffron convinces Mal to steal a pricey weapon. But it turns out that Saffron is married to the victim ... because that's how Saffron rolls.


In "Jaynestown," we learn that Jayne committed a robbery with a man named Stitch and then ____.

The two robbers made their getaway, but then Jayne abandoned Stitch, who wound up in jail. Jayne, however, managed to escape.


In "War Stories," Niska cuts off which part of Mal's body?

Niska is not the nicest person in the galaxy. He cuts off part of Mal's ear as a "refund" of sorts for a ransom gone wrong.


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