What Do You Really Want in a Woman?

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Throughout your life, you'll meet some amazing women whom you have no interest in dating. Everybody is looking for something different in a potential partner, so somebody your best friend might fall head over heels in love with might not cause you to turn your head. 

Likewise, sometimes you'll meet somebody with whom you instantly feel chemistry, but they don't even seem to know you exist. Even if you're Leonardo Dicaprio, there are going to be some women who are just not that into you. However, finding somebody who's equally as into you as you are to them is one of the best feelings in the world.

Do you know what you're looking for in a woman? Maybe you're looking for somebody who shares your hobbies. If you're a world traveler, maybe your dream girl has an affinity for backpacking around Europe. If you're more of a party person, maybe you're looking for somebody to go clubbing with. 

Look at all the people you've dated in the past. Do you see any similarities in their personalities? Let's find out what you really want in a woman by answering these 30 questions. Maybe you think you already know, but your subconscious is telling you otherwise.  

Which one of these dates seems most appealing to you?

Are you going to introduce her to your friends/family?

Which of the following best describes your dream girl's personality?

What type of job is your dream girl most likely to have?

How would your friends describe your exes?

Which one of these best reflects your feelings about finding a wife/girlfriend?

You're downloading a movie to watch with your dream girl. What type of film is it?

What would your dream girl like for her birthday?

Where are you most likely to meet this girl?

Where does your dream girl live?

Which of these drinks could you picture her ordering?

How do you feel about getting married?

Which of the following vacations would you like to take with your dream girl?

How long do you think you should wait to say "I love you?"

It's Sunday afternoon. What's she doing?

What type of tattoo is most likely to be her style?

Which of these traits would you look for first in somebody you're dating?

Are you more of a morning person or night owl?

Which one of these hobbies does your dream girl most likely have?

Finish the sentence: "I just met an amazing woman, ______."

What will you talk about with your dream girl?

Do you want kids in the future?

How much time do you like spending with the person you're dating?

How old do you want to be when you get married?

You and your dream girl are having trouble deciding on a restaurant. How do you decide where to go?

If your dream girl has been busy and you haven't been able to spend as much time as you would like with her, how would you confront her about it?

Do you like dating somebody who is more introverted or extroverted than you?

Which is more important to you, looks or personality?

If you're visiting a new city together, which would you want to do together first?

Which one of these evenings sounds most fun?

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