What Decade Should You Really Be Living In?

Jennifer Post

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You hear people say all the time that they're an old soul. But you also hear people say that they're ahead of their time. Not the same person, of course. That would be confusing. But what do they mean by that? Someone who feels like they can't keep up with all of the new technology, slang or food trends would probably love a simpler life of another time. Or maybe they're the ones creating all these new advances in computers and medicine, but the technology to actually accomplish change hasn't been invented yet. They would fare better in a decade ahead of where they're at.

How do you feel? Great about the world you live in and like you can't imagine life any other way? Cool! There's nothing wrong with being perfectly satisfied with all the emojis you use, abbreviated words that other generations can't even begin to translate and taking photos of all of your food before you eat it. It's the world you were born into and you've adapted to it quite well. That's all anyone can really hope for. 

If you're one of the many people who feel like they were born in the wrong time, or even if you feel like you're exactly where you need to be, take this quiz to find out the right decade for you!

What's the best way to describe your clothing style?

Do you always keep up with the latest technologies that come out seemingly every month?

If someone asked you how to rotate a PDF, could you do it with ease?

There's a lot of TV shows out there, but what kind entertains you the most?

Which phrase do you use the most in normal conversation?

When someone invites you to a party, what kind of party is it most likely going to be?

Do you go to a lot of parties?

What do you think of when someone says the word "hippie"?

Is it important to you to be sustainable to try and prevent the Earth from getting too warm and polluted?

Would you consider yourself active in politics and standing up for what you think is right?

If you had to choose one, which social media platform fits your needs the best?

For cruising around town, which car makes you feel super cool?

Is there a hairstyle that you always wanted to try out?

On average, how late do you stay up at night?

Do you consider yourself the rebellious type or more within the lines?

How do you like to look at photos that you've taken?

What do you do if you're running late for something?

Which accessory do you pair with most of your outfits?

If you won the lottery, what would you spend the money on?

What's your guilty pleasure?

When you're shopping for clothes, do you look for a certain style?

On a rainy day, how do you like to spend that downtime?

Do you get all the hype over '90s kids?

When you're in the mood to chat with your friends, how do you do it?

There's been a lot of fashion trends over the years. Which one do you want to bring back?

What type of music do you jam out to on the drive home from work?

Of the below bands, which are you most familiar with?

Which activity would you rather do no matter the day, time or weather?

What would you do if your significant other just broke up with you?

Music festivals are crazy fun! Which one have you been looking forward to all year?

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