What Decade Matches Your Car Preferences?

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Design is as old as the first tools made by cavemen. Just about any item, be it clothes, tools, architecture or weapons can easily be recognized coming from a specific time, if not a specific place. Times change, and those changes are driven by everything from technological and science advances to aesthetic changes which can be prompted purely by accident. The powdered wig became popular when King Louis XIII began wearing one because he was going bald. Soon, men who weren't losing their hair at all were wearing powdered horse hair wigs, marking them out as coming from a specific age.

Like all other things, automobiles can be pegged as being from a specific era at but a glance. Some of this is driven by brands finding a unique design language. Some of it was driven by advances in technology that pressed certain details into specific shapes. Other changes were the result of safety regulations which forced automakers to include equipment that dictated certain characteristics, or that specific traits of vehicles exist in ways that determine style, like the height of tail lights or the distance between headlights.

If you were to detail all your opinions on cars from a variety of ages, that data could be used to triangulate your taste in cars, but more impressively, it could be used to determine which decade best fits your taste. Take this quiz, and we'll tell you what decade to travel to in your DeLorean.

What detail of a car says "safety" to you?

What is your favorite aerodynamic modification?

How much horsepower do you think is usable on the road?

Of a diesel, gas, fuel cell, or battery-powered car, which would you rather use to commute?

Which of these kinds of windshields do you like best?

What would you consider the minimum bar for "exotic materials" in automobile manufacturing?

How many seats would you want in a family car?

In which of these cars would you feel safest?

What is your preference as far as the size and shape of a-pillars?

Which of today's "people's wagons" do you think best reflects the will of the people?

How much would you be willing to spend on a midsize sedan meant as a family hauler, new or used?

Which modern car feature do you like the least?

What do you think of used cars?

Which of these modern SUVs is Best In Show?

Which of these 1980s sports cars remains cool today?

Which of these characteristics would attract you to look at, if not consider buying a new car?

What was the best muscle car (not all of which were strictly "cars") of the 1970s?

Which model of hot hatch remains the hottest across the model range?

Which of these hybrids is most likely to remain relevant in the future?

Which kind of door arrangement do you like the most?

What kind of rearview mirror arrangement do you like the most?

What paint scheme would you get for your dream car, all things being equal?

What is the best sound a car makes?

Which of these modern Mercedes-Benz vehicles is the best reflection of the brand?

What kind of motorsport do you think is the most interesting, even if you don't follow it?

Which of these taillights do you think look the best?

If you had a totally average car with one high performance modification, what would that be?

How important is luxury to you when it comes to cars in which you'll have to spend a lot of time?

How brand loyal are you?

If you were going golfing, which of these sports cars would you want to take to the golf course?

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