What Cut of Diamond Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

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Even though diamonds are one of the hardest substances in the world, we've still managed to master cutting them into some pretty impressive stones to be used in jewelry. In fact, diamond cutting goes back to the Middle Ages. Before then, diamonds were only used in their raw, natural state which, if you've never seen one, isn't that impressive. Once the understanding of how to cut them became common knowledge, the industry really took off. In fact, the first diamond-cutting guild was established in 1375.

By the 17th century, we'd mastered how to make brilliant cuts, those diamonds that have 17 facets on the crown and things kept progressing from there. Now we have at least 10 standard cuts of diamonds for the average rings to suit whatever your whims and tastes may be. And while it's often the budget that will most affect what cut of diamond is right for you, what if there was more to it than that? Surely the stars have something to say about this, don't they? If astrology can help you figure out everything else in your life, then no doubt there has to be a diamond that matches up with your zodiac, right? If you're not sure, take the quiz and see!

How many diamonds do you actually own right now?

Are you the kind of person who buys diamonds for yourself, or have they been gifted to you?

Is there an element you feel connected to?

Does an engagement ring have to be a diamond ring?

Pure white diamonds are obviously traditional, but if you picked a colored diamond what would you choose?

Do you think modern society puts too much emphasis on diamonds when it comes to getting engaged?

What's the most you'd ever spend on a diamond?

Are diamonds overpriced?

How often do you check your horoscope?

Have you ever changed your plans for the day based on something you read in a horoscope?

If diamonds aren't an option, what's the next best stone out there?

Diamonds are pretty traditional in rings, but where else do they belong?

How important is it to get conflict-free diamonds?

Do you check horoscopes for people you care about?

If you had to pick a lucky number, what would it be?

Are you more into Western zodiac or Chinese zodiac?

Have you ever read a horoscope that turned out to be 100% on the money?

Do you believe in karma at all?

When it comes to diamond rings, would you rather have a brand new one or something passed down?

What metal looks best with a diamond?

What do you trust more, a horoscope or a psychic?

Do you know where to look in the night sky to find your zodiac constellation?

Diamonds can famously cut glass. Ever tried to actually cut glass with one?

Can a diamond ever be too big?

Is a lab-created diamond as good as a natural one?

Do you ever ask a person you're dating what their sign is?

Do you always wear jewelry?

What's your favorite animal from the Chinese zodiac?

So, what's your sign?

Would you be upset if someone got you a diamond but it wasn't really your style?

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