What Cut of Diamond Matches Your Personality?

Kathryn Davis

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About This Quiz

When they were first discovered nearly a thousand years ago in India, diamonds weren't worn as jewelry. They were worshipped in their raw forms, uncut, as sacred objects for over a century before people decided to fashion them into bling. Even then, the diamonds remained rough and uncut!

A little while later, someone came to the realization that polishing diamonds made them sparkle, and a while after that, someone else decided to trim off the rough outer layers of the diamonds in order to enhance their natural shape and glitter. 

The first really common diamond cut was called a "table cut," and it's closely related to the modern emerald diamond cut, which emerged after artisans realized diamonds could be cut using their own dust.

Lots of time has passed since then; tools and technology for cutting diamonds have emerged and matured. The cuts themselves have changed and multiplied like crazy! And thankfully so. Now there's a diamond cut for even the most unique personality out there.

Wondering if your dream diamond cut really matches your style? Have no clue how you could possibly choose a favorite? Dive into this quiz to find out which stunning diamond cut is perfect for your personality!

Oh, and remember: No matter what your results say, it's perfectly reasonable to ask for one of each. You deserve all the bling!

What’s your ideal metal to pair with a diamond?

What’s your preferred carat size?

Which way would you prefer to wear a diamond?

What’s your ring size?

Which royal’s wedding bling do you envy the most?

What’s your ideal wedding size?

How would you want your marriage proposal to go down?

Before you accept that bling, how long would you prefer to be with your partner?

Let’s assume we’re putting your diamond into an engagement ring. How would you describe your ideal setting?

Pick a celebrity to marry?

What’s your daily jewelry style like?

Describe your morning routine?

How are you around a significant other's family?

Describe the general style of your party’s wedding attire?

How long will it take you to plan a wedding?

Where’s your dream honeymoon destination?

If you couldn’t have a diamond, what sort of gem would you prefer?

Describe your ideal wedding band.

How honest are you with your partner?

Choose one wedding accessory, besides that bling on your left hand.

Which season would you most like to be married in?

What kind of dessert are you serving at your wedding?

What do you love most about your partner?

You and your partner get in a huge fight. How does it resolve?

Which gift would you prefer to receive for your wedding?

How much money are you spending on your wedding?

Which sort of shoe are you most likely to wear on your wedding day?

Your partner gets down on one knee. What’s your reaction?

How many kids do you and your partner hope for?

Choose a jewelry designer?

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