What Cut of Diamond Is Your Perfect Match?

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We all know that you want a diamond; that pretty much goes without saying. I mean, what woman in her right mind wouldn't want a brand new, gorgeous and sparkly diamond? No, the question isn't whether to get a diamond, the question is what cut of diamond should you buy? Each cut is perfect in its own way, but which cut is perfect for you?

A round cut diamond says you're traditional and elegant, while a princess cut tends to attract those that want a bit of excitement with their romance.  An oval cut diamond is for those who are artistic, creative and just a tad quirky. An emerald cut diamond says its wearer is sophisticated and stylish, while a marquise is for those who are elegant and have a love of all that is vintage. If you sport a diamond with a pear cut, you probably are creative, you ooze self-expression and you love to get noticed. A cushion cut diamond says you're not only a true beauty but also an adventurous spirit.

Take this quiz and we'll tell you what diamond cut is your perfect match. Then it will be time to go shopping! Or even better, find someone to shop for one of these diamonds for you.

What designer would you most likely wear to a fancy party?

How large do you want your diamond to be?

What type of coat might you wear on a chilly day?

Jewelry can be fun. Do you wear a lot of jewelry every day?

Which of these best describes you in high school?

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Is it important for you to wear designer brands?

How many guests do you want at your wedding?

How much should a wedding cost, to be special?

Do you believe that we all have only one soulmate?

What would be a good job for your personality, if money were no object?

Do you think that true love is forever?

How many people have you lived with romantically, over the course of your life?

You need to go to the store to get coffee first thing in the morning. Would you go wearing sweatpants?

Do you tend to get jealous if your boyfriend has female friends?

Which celebrity would you love to date?

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

What would be the perfect first date for you to go on?

Would you say that you have traditional values?

Would you rather marry someone very rich who you love a little or someone very poor who you love a lot?

Where would you like to go on your honeymoon?

Have you ever hiked a huge mountain?

What else might you want on your finger if you couldn't have a diamond?

If you had to watch sports on television, what would you choose?

Which of these words might your friends use to describe you?

Trust is important. Would you ever lie to your significant other?

How many times have you been either married or engaged over your life?

Where would you most likely be married on your big day?

How many bridesmaids might you have at your wedding?

In a perfect world, how much cash would you receive for your wedding?

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