Quiz: What Culture Speaks to Your Soul?
What Culture Speaks to Your Soul?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

When it comes to your culture, many people seem to believe that it has everything to do with where you live. It doesn't! While you might live in the United States, your heart and culture might lie in a different country. Take this quiz and we'll take a guess at which culture speaks to your soul.

Many people often confuse culture with race, and they're definitely not the same thing! When it comes to race, it is usually broken down to white, black, Asian/Pacific Islander or Native America. From there is where the cultural world opens up!

Culture is often more complex than you'd think, and it essentially comes from the personality of the country. Things that play a role in the culture are its language, values, and social norms. While this sounds vague, you could probably name the culture you're living within.

American culture is often associated with its outgoing and opinionated nature. The culture is also defined by the desire for newness, diversity and its role as the land of opportunities.

Across the world in Japan, their culture is very different. While they are very outgoing in forms of technology, their culture is extremely traditional and modest. While speaking out against a terrible boss might be considered normal in the United States, this type of behavior would be shamed in Japan.

All around the world, there are rich cultures with their different systems of values, beliefs, and practices. From the Caribbean to Eastern Europe to South Africa, which culture speaks to your soul?

Take this quiz and let's find out!

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