Quiz: What Crystal Represents Your Spirit Animal?
What Crystal Represents Your Spirit Animal?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Tom Cockrem / Stockbyte / Getty Images

About This Quiz

From our jobs to our friends to the clothes we wear, there are many things in life that define us. However, there are also a lot of things that represent us. The key to both your definitions and your representations is, of course, you! Before we can even begin to speculate about the crystal that represents your spirit animal, we need to get to the source. 

Every question that you answer during this quiz will leave a little clue about the kind of person that you are. After we learn about your traits, we'll be able to identify your spirit animal and the crystal that best represents it. You might think you are a cuddly koala of a rose quartz, but is your animal twin really more protective like the black tourmaline? 

No matter what result you get, it depends on you. Nothing can represent you without you—you are the key element in this quiz's universe! It might sound like a lot to take in, but you'll have a great time finding out how you are represented out there in the crystal/spirit animal world. First, you must represent yourself to us; then, we'll let you know what we've found out. Can you handle the results?

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What % spiritual do you think you are?

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Out of the four elements, which one are you most like?

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Which popular gemstone attracts you the most?

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Would you rather spend a week in the mountains or at the beach?

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Which predator are you most like when you are hungry?

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Which metal do you wear most?

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Where is most of your focus these days?

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Which of your senses is sharper than the others?

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If you were a cat, which toy would you like most?

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Which animal-related job would you rule?

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What type of thing do you fear the most in life?

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What kind of bird is most fascinating to you?

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If you were a woodlands animal, which one would you prefer to be?

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How deep do you think you are?

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