Quiz: What Crystal Are You?
What Crystal Are You?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Let's examine your energies! Not only are crystals beautiful, but they also serve many holistic purposes. From the loving vibes put off by Rose Quartz to the clarity offered by Amethyst, there's a crystal that sums you up best. Once we figure out how you and your inner spirit navigate the world, we'll let you know which one it is!

Throughout out crystal pairing quiz, we will dig deep into both your personal and your spiritual lives. We hold your answers in the strictest of confidence, and being open to the possibilities we offer will enhance your experience. Stop to ponder the response you feel best represents you, and select it with a clear conscious.

Once we have come to know your soul better than the goddess who looks after you, we will compare your traits with the traits commonly recognized in several specific crystals. After you learn which crystal you are, you will have a new way to think about approaching your life path. Knowing the energy level you naturally put off like a crystal could really change your life. 

Proceed with an open heart, and lead with a still mind. Then, the earth gem that you are most like will be crystal clear. Let's find out.

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