Quiz: What % Crazy Cat Lady Are You?
What % Crazy Cat Lady Are You?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Pexels

About This Quiz

Imagine the first cat lady in all of human history. She was likely an Egyptian. She was likely a noble. The Egyptians not only domesticated cats, but they worshiped them. The first cat lady's strange behavior was probably ignored in the same way that many powerful people, especially those with the power of life and death, are overlooked.

Today, cat ladies abound. Cat ladies come in all shapes and sizes. There are crypto-cat ladies who hide their feline obsession out of fear of judgment. There are feral cat ladies who eschew society, sometimes even retreating to the fringes of civilization so they can enjoy their cat companions. Then there are the proud cat ladies who cat-ify their wardrobes, their home decor, and even their cars, with license plates reading things like "PRR FCT" or "CTS 4VR".

How much do you love cats? Do you have a cat tattoo? Have you considered one? Do you own shirts, jackets, or tote bags with images of cats on them? How easy is it for visitors to tell that you own cats? More importantly, how many cats do you own? Can you even keep track of that number?

If these questions intrigue you, then take this quiz and discover how much cat lady is in you!

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How many cats do you own right now?

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How many cats have you owned in your lifetime?

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How many cat related shirts do you own?

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How many times have you gone as a cat for Halloween?

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What percentage of your cats have human names (like "James" or "Reginald")?

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Have you ever cancelled plans to see another human in order to spend time with your cats?

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What is the longest stretch of time you haven't had human contact?

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What's the longest stretch of time you haven't had feline contact?

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When was the last time you went on a date?

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Would you date someone who doesn't like cats?

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How much of the time do you feed your cats something other than cat food?

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What breed of cat do you fancy?

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How much time do you spend watching cat videos, per day?

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If you had unlimited resources, how many cats would you own?

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Which activity has the makings of the best cat video?

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