What Core Superpower Should You Have?

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Superheroes have themes. Very few of them have random assortments of powers, Superman being a rare example of this. For the most part, this is because every superhero, or supervillain as the case may be, has a theme, an idea, a unifying thesis. Spider-Man is a very clearly defined superhero in part because all of his powers center around his identity as the part man, part spider. 

A theme is an implicit boundary. It's a style, and all style is about saying what one isn't just as much as what one is. Spider-Man's powers are thus all about the abilities of a spider. Other superheroes are similar. Storm, of the X-Men, has the ability to control the weather, which is really a collection of powers in her case. Wolverine's powers are all reflective of a wild animal: claws, healing factor, etc. Even Batman, who has no "powers" per se, themes all his gear on the image of the bat.

Even superheroes who aren't on a theme usually have a single defining power. Superman's is flight. Sure, he's bulletproof and super strong, but flight is the thing everyone thinks of first. Supervillains also have defining powers, even if they have a theme that less clearly links them to those powers. Thanos, whose name comes from the Greek "Thanatos," meaning death, has death as his main "power," but that power comes from the Infinity Gauntlet, which gives him the power to do anything he likes. You may not be a demigod, a hero or a villain, but if you take this quiz, we'll tell you what your core superpower should be!

If you had superpowers for one day, what would you do with them?

What is the best "business model" for superheroism?

How would you describe your relationship to governments, if you had superpowers?

If you had superpowers, would you want to join up with a team?

How would you take on an enemy who could turn any object into a weapon?

What sort of safe house or hideout would you have?

Who would you want as a sidekick?

Who would you want to show off in front of with your superpowers?

If you had superstrength, what would you do with that power?

How would you defeat an enemy who could read minds?

What special gear would you carry around, to use with your powers?

Should a superhero's superpowers have lethal capacities?

Would you try to make money with your powers? If so, why?

How likely would you be to use your powers for helping people you didn't know, even if it wasn't a dangerous or emergency situation?

If you had a costume, how would it look?

How would you deal with the arrival of a hostile alien spacecraft, if you had superpowers?

In real life without superpowers, how would you deal with being mugged at knife point?

If you could walk through any wall, what would you want to do with that power?

Which of these selfless acts is the closest to something you've done?

How clearly can you think when your heart is racing?

With which of the following characters do you most closely identify?

How do you deal with the sight of your own blood?

Which do you think is cooler, superpowers or super gadgets?

If you could fly, what would you want to do with that power?

At what age do you think you'd be able to handle having superpowers?

How physically tough are you?

If you had the option to have superpowers, do you think you would really want them?

Where would you center your base of operations, in the event you had superpowers?

If you had superpowers, what would you use as a secret identity?

If confronted by an enemy who threatened that if you didn't obey, they would hurt those you love, how would you respond?

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