What Core Color You Are?

Teresa McGlothlin

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At the very essence of your being, your core is doing all the heavy lifting to keep you running at maximum efficiency. Made from all your traits, your experiences and your preferences, your core stands to function as the watchdog of your soul. If it had a color, which one do you think it would be? 

All the colors on the spectrum have been long associated with certain qualities. From the serenity of the color blue to the urgency represented by red, every color seems to have a personality without being a person. Once you clue us in the traits you possess at the bottom of your very being, we'll be able to let you know which color your core projects into the world through your actions.

With too many colors to count on the color wheel, we are going to need to get precise with our line of questioning. The things you decide to tell us will not go any further than the two of us, and we do implore you to be honest. After we see through your flesh, your bones and your attitude, we'll get to the bottom of the color that represents your very center the best. Which one will it be? 

What percent spiritual do you think you are?

How long would it take you to list your pet peeves?

What do you refuse to change about your life?

Do you always apologize when you're wrong?

Are you the type that falls in love easily?

What does meditation do for you?

Which of these colorful animals do you find most interesting?

How do you feel about black cats?

Would you coworkers say that you are kind?

Do you friends know when you're lying?

What are you like on the dance floor?

Which word best describes your belly laugh?

Which of your traits do you consider the strongest?

If your best friend was feeling down, how would you brighten their day?

Are you afraid to eat alone or do you enjoy it?

When you were in school, what type of student were you?

Would anyone call you a neat freak?

Do your dreams tell you anything?

Which of these virtues could you focus on a little more?

Were you shaped more by nature or nurture?

If you were the boss, how would your employees describe you?

Do you wear more white or black?

What is your disposition like in the mornings?

Do you get riled up when you watch the news?

How would your last date describe your manners?

Do you enjoy trying new restaurants?

If you worked in healthcare, what would your bedside manner be like?

Do you rely on creativity or logic more?

If you had a spirit creature, what would it be?

Are you a rule breaker or a stickler for the rules?

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