What Combination of Harry Potter and Disney Characters Are You?

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The fandoms of these two franchises often overlap and because of that, people identify with characters from both. Disney has brought to life the wildest fantasies of little kids everywhere. The castles, the dresses, marrying their own Princess or Prince Charming and building bonds with those close to them are all explored. Even in the Harry Potter books and subsequent movies, there's a castle, magical robes and friendship bonds that not even the most evil of characters can break. You don't have to choose which one you like the best, and you don't have to decide on just one character. As Hannah Montana says, you get the best of both worlds!

Being a fan of both Disney and Harry Potter has no doubt brought a lot of stress to your life, but both are amazing gifts that keep on giving. Whether that means reading the HP books over and over again or waiting for the new "Frozen" and "Toy Story" movies to be released, there's seemingly no end in sight to these stories. If you have put much thought into which Disney character you're most like and also which Harry Potter character you are, now's your chance to find out for sure! Take this quiz to figure out your Disney/Harry Potter combo characters!

Which of the below words best describes your overall personality?

Do you consider yourself to be an adventurous person?

At Hogwarts, which house would you put yourself in?

If you had to choose a place to live in the Disney world, whose castle would you want to live in the most?

Do you think you're more street smart of book smart?

When you feel stressed out, which vice do you turn to?

Are you in touch with your emotions?

Would you be more like a Disney villain or hero?

The Harry Potter crew broke a lot of rules throughout their time at Hogwarts. Could you do the same?

Can you pick just one "Harry Potter" movie to watch over and over again?

How would you want your best friend to describe you?

If you had to choose, who is your all-time favorite Disney prince or princess?

Which place seems the most magical to you?

What job would you have at Hogwarts?

How often do you feel misunderstood?

Would you want Ron's parents or Hermione's parents?

When it comes to food, do you think you'd like Disney food or Harry Potter food more?

Dressing yourself can be a hassle. Which dressing option appeals to you the most?

Do you get more emotional over Disney movies or Harry Potter stories?

If you missed the Hogwarts Express, how would you have gotten to the school?

Which animal would be your trusty sidekick or familiar?

If you came across someone like Draco Malfoy, what would you do?

Which Harry Potter villain reminds your of your least favorite Disney villain?

Would you have cared about being on the Quidditch team?

If you were to star in a Disney movie, what would you want your storyline to be?

In the story of toys come to life, which toy would you most likely be?

Do you consider yourself a loyal friend/person?

Which Disney girl would you want to be your sister?

And now, which Harry Potter guy would make the best brother?

Are you generally happy with the way Disney and Harry Potter stories end?

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