What Color of Dog Guards Your Soul?

Teresa McGlothlin

Image: Sharon Montrose / DigitalVision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

You know all about guardian angels, but did you know that your soul is kept safe by a dog? That's right! Man's best friend is solely responsible for keeping your sense of self safe. We'll leave it up to you to decide which breed does the job, but we want you to know the color of your guardian canine. You'll feel much more protected once you know! 

Like human hair, dog fur comes in many shades and colors. Even litters born at the same time can represent every color of the doggy rainbow! Once you share your love for dogs with us, we will be able to tell you if your guardian is red like a setter or black like a lab. While white dogs might work for some of you, others will need something more colorful to do the deed. Which one will suit you best?

As you zoom around the room of our questions, answer like a dog on the trail of a treat. Use your sense of smell to sniff out the response that best represents you, and let your true colors fly. Are you guarded by the dog color you love most, or will it come as a surprise? 

Your dog doesn't want to go out in the rain. How do you handle it?

What makes dogs better pets than cats?

If you were a dog, what would you want in your pup cup?

Why are there crazy cat people, but no crazy dog people?

Which situation would make you want to tuck your tail between your legs?

Are you qualified to teach an obedience class?

What do you consider a dog's number one job?

Which one of these wild dog breeds would you want guarding your heart?

Do you think dogs are smarter than sharks?

Your dog had an accident inside your house. What do you say?

What is the best argument for allowing dogs at work?

Why do you think dogs get the zoomies?

What type of dog would you prefer to have looking after your soul?

Would you tell your dog you are taking it to the vet?

Which treat do you think dogs really prefer?

How do you feel about people who dress their dogs in cute costumes?

Have you ever heard that your bark is worse than your bite?

Quick! A dog is chasing you down the street. What are you going to do?

What are you doing when your dog gives you side eye?

Pretend you're a dog. What is so great about getting a belly rub?

If you were a member of a wolf pack, what rank would you have?

Do you like dogs with long noses or flat faces more?

Should dogs have collars or harnesses?

Would you ever take a bath with your dog?

If you got a new pup, which of these names would you consider?

Do you like long hair, short hair or curly-haired dogs more?

Which one of these movie dogs could be your spirit animal?

Be truthful! Have you ever tried dog food?

If you got an invitation to a dog's birthday party, would you go?

What is the best thing about going to the dog park?

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