What Color Aura Describes You in Bed?

Ian Fortey

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It doesn't take an expert in any field to see that there are many different kinds of people in the world, some of whom seem to have a much more positive energy about them and others who are more negative. The aura that people are putting out in the world can be picked up by others if they're intuitive enough, and no doubt you've experienced that many times yourself. Someone has a very positive and cheery aura, someone else may have a dark and unhappy aura. And, of course, in the right circumstances, someone may have a very enticing and sexy aura. What's harder to appreciate is that you also put that out in the world, you just can't really see it about yourself. 

Because it's hard to know your own aura and how you are perceived in certain situations, you need to rely on others. For instance, if we learn a little bit of the intimate details of your thoughts and preferences right now, we can tell you what color aura will best describe you in the bedroom. There's a whole rainbow of colors to choose from, what one are people seeing in you when the lights go out? Take the quiz and see for yourself!

Are you the kind of person who can get intimate with someone if you barely even know them?

Who's most likely to make the first move, you or the other person?

Do you feel like you're a good kisser?

What happens if you're super into someone, you go in for that kiss, and all you smell is garlic?

How often do you crave release?

Does your bedroom have a particular color theme in it?

20 years ago, internet dating was considered creepy and weird and now it's how most people meet. Where have you hooked up with someone online?

Are you skilled in the art of sexting?

Do you like to have music in the background when you're trying to set the mood?

We always say "in bed" but you don't need to be in bed to do it, right? What's your favorite place in the house?

Speaking of locations, sometimes the mood strikes outside the house. What's your go-to for out in the world?

A kiss on the lips can have all sorts of meaning. Where else do you like to kiss someone when you're setting the mood?

Would you ever consider putting on a dirty movie for you and your partner to enjoy one evening?

Have you ever full-on made out with a person before you knew their name?

If you meet someone online, are you more likely to want to meet them for a regular date or just hook up right away?

You can hunger for food and you can hunger for a person. Let's combine them! What are you eating in bed?

So the sex toy industry is absolutely massive. Have you ever purchased a toy?

Not every culture in the world has been on board with monogamy. Where do you stand on the issue?

For some people, a threesome is the ultimate fantasy and for others not so much. What about you?

If your partner has a kink you've never tried before, are you willing to give it a shot?

Do you own any sexy outfits that you might bust out to turn on your partner?

Do you support the ancient art of skinny dipping?

If you're watching a movie with friends or family and a sexy scene comes on, do you make jokes to cover the awkwardness?

Have you ever been to a strip club before?

Do you believe prostitution should be decriminalized?

Have you ever sent someone dirty pics of yourself?

If you come across evidence that your partner is cheating, what are you going to do?

That "Fifty Shades of Grey" was incredibly popular. Are you into BDSM at all?

Does alcohol enhance the mood or inhibit it?

Does your sexual repertoire include a penchant for dirty talk?

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