What Coffee Blend Suits You?

By: Tori Highley
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

For many of us, life without coffee just doesn't exist. Because it's an everyday essential, you should make sure to enjoy every sip you take. Brewing your coffee with the right blend for you will help start your day the best way! Take this quiz to find out which blend is perfect for you!

When do you drink your first cup of the day?

Which coffee cup is your favorite?

Which coffee-related adjective most appeals to you?

Which flavor do you like in your coffee?

For a cold non-coffee drink, which do you prefer?

How do you get your caffeine fix on a camping trip?

Which pastry will you pair with your coffee?

Which creamer option would you prefer?

How many cups do you drink a day?

What kind of coffee maker do you have at home?

Which global coffee do you like the most?

What do you grab for lunch from the coffee stand?

Where do you prefer to get your coffee while traveling?

Where would you put a sticker from your favorite roaster?

What music are you happy to hear in your local coffee shop?

Can you make espresso drinks at home?

Do you drink decaf coffee in the evening?

What is your iced coffee beverage of choice?

Do you regularly get coffee with anyone?

Do you grind your coffee yourself?

How well stocked are you on coffee?

For espresso drinks, what do you order?

How often do you drink water?

What device do you have plugged into the outlet at the cafe?

Would you like working part-time as a barista?

Which sweetener would you choose?

Which color is your ideal cup of coffee?

How quickly do you drink your coffee?

Would you go on a date in a coffee shop?

What do you eat for breakfast with your coffee?

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