What Cliche Quote Describes You?

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You've heard them many times before, maybe even to the point where these quotes have lost their meaning to you. However, when you take a moment to look at them with fresh eyes, their brilliance becomes crystal clear. After all, a cliche is simply a saying that is so meaningful to so many people that it has become a nearly unconscious part of the culture.

Maybe you're the kind of person who is drawn to self-improvement and making the world a better place through your personal growth. If that's the case, there's a quote rooted deeply in eastern philosophy that we think is a perfect fit for you.

Perhaps you have struggled with what seems like a never-ending succession of heartache and tragedy, but you always find the courage and strength to pick yourself up and keep going. If that's you, there's a school-of-hard-knocks quote that we think totally fits.

Or you might be the life of the party, someone who loves to dream and live life to the absolute fullest. For you, there's a quote from an artist's perspective that has your name all over it.

You might also be the kind of person who is a realist, someone who knows that there is suffering in life and therefore chooses your path and friendships carefully. For you, we've got a wise philosophy from a musician and iconic figure that should be right up your alley.

Do you meditate?

Which kind of music do you like the most?

Would you consider yourself to be a dreamer?

How much difficulty have you had to overcome in your life?

What's the closest to what your reaction would be to something not working out?

Which famous actor/actress do you most relate to?

How do you feel about people in general?

Which country in the world do you feel most drawn to?

How much do you like to party?

Which description best fits your age?

How often do you work out?

Are you more of an optimist or a pessimist?

Do you do any volunteer work?

Do you own a telescope?

Would you consider yourself to be an adrenaline junkie?

How many close friends do you have?

How environmentally conscious is your lifestyle?

Which movie plot best matches your life?

How mentally strong would you say you are?

Which phrase best describes your love life?

Which song best fits your life?

What time do you usually stay up to on the weekends?

How long does it usually take you to recover from a major heartbreak in your life?

Would you say that you're picky about your friends?

Which recent century would you have fit into the best?

Are you dramatic or do you tend to keep things pretty low-key?

Have you ever had a near-death experience?

Would you consider yourself to be a loyal person?

Which famous author do you feel the most affection for?

Which word best describes your sense of humor?

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