What Classic Car Are You?

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Cars are a unique cultural feature, one that changed society in dramatic ways. First of all, they are more than transportation, they are an investment. Some cars retain their value very well, while others hemorrhage money the moment they are driven off the lot. The existence of cars dominates the landscape, with all roads built for them, and all traffic laws designed around them. Cars are beloved for their personalities the way pets are, but no one ever prized a 50year-old "classic horse".  Perhaps most strikingly, some cars' industrial design reaches the level of art, with looks that endure for decades, inspiring imitation and admiration alike.

Yet classic cars can be polarizing. Classics from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s are regarded with affection, if not envy, by most collectors. Yet some collectors deride cars from eras like the 1980s or 1990s, or specific types of cars, like the exuberantly designed drop tops from the 1950s. Classic cars don't need to appeal to everyone, but they need to be understood as deserving respect by someone. Many of these cars are so iconic that owners forget that cars from certain eras, classics or not, retain common flaws that make driving a chore.

"Which classic car am I?" you may ask. Are you a 1970s muscle car or a 1930s racer? Are you a 1990s supercar or a 2000s hypercar? Are you a flashy icon of the 1980s, or an early example from the 1900s? Take this quiz, and find out.

Time for a throwback. What is the most defining trait of "old school"?

What classic pickup would pick up your mood?

Why should someone buy a classic car?

Let's start an international incident. Which nation made the most classic cars?

Which of these cars is so terrible, it qualifies as a weird category of classic?

Which quality do you prize the most, with regard to classic cars?

How do you feel about modern-build "classics" like the new Jaguar Lightweight E-Type?

What are resto-mod cars, where a classic is tuned up and modified to behave more like a modern car?

What's that smell? Is that ... How should collectors treat patina on classic cars?

Wotcha, guv! Which of these classic British sports cars was the best?

Which of these brands, in your opinion, made the fewest true classics?

Which of these modern American cars do you think is most likely to become a future classic?

Looking to Italy, which Ferrari was the best one?

Which of these American "classics" deserves to become a resto-mod?

Let's get serious. Once in a collection, how should classic cars be treated?

Which of these everyday classics would you consider for your own collection, given a limitless budget?

If your daily driver turned out to be a classic, how would you feel about the abuse it has suffered at your hands?

Dae-what? Which of these obscure economy cars do you feel will be considered a classic one day?

Which of these SUVs do you think is most likely to become a classic, once gasoline is as common among motorists' garages as bales of hay?

Zap! Which electric car do you think may already be a classic?

Dude! Radical! Which 1980s masterpiece is the classic you'd want from the era?

What abuse would you levy upon a Ford Model T, if you were cruel enough to do it?

Let's go off road. Which rally car is the greatest masterpiece?

If you had to go to college all over again, which hot hatch would keep you warm at night?

Which classic car enunciates "mid-life crisis" most clearly?

Which of these highly strung classics would you be willing to daily drive, despite the fact that driving them is both difficult and stressful?

How much time would you be willing to put into maintaining a classic car?

Which of these sound investments would you pass up to own a classic car?

Some people fill their garage with old cars. How many cars is too many?

You're clearly an enthusiast. What is it about classic cars you love so much?

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