What Christmas Movie Best Represents Your Life?

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The Christmas season is among one of the favorites worldwide, and it's because of many reasons. For one, you get to see and spend time with your family. Two, even though it's not Valentine's Day, love is always in the air. Three, you get the gifts you've wished for all year. Four, the food is beyond amazing. And five, the movies that frequent our screens. 

Christmas movies were created for a reason. Besides teaching us lessons about living in the moment, being grateful for what you have and spreading the holiday cheer, they make us laugh, cry and want to hug our family members close. But which of these holiday stories is the story of your life? Are you a regular 'ol Scrooge or are you happy like Buddy the elf? 

Is yours like "It's A Wonderful Life?" Did the holidays make you sad but now fills you with cheer because you realize that life is a gift? Is your life like Ernest Saves Christmas? Are you quirky and a bit weird and always getting into some trouble like Ernest? Or are you another movie entirely?

All you need to do is answer our quiz questions. Along with getting you into the holiday spirit, they'll let you know which film your life is most like. So let's stop stalling and get started on this Christmas quiz!

What is your favorite Christmas song?

When will you purchase the majority of your Christmas gifts?

What gift card would you like to receive?

Who will receive the most expensive gift you purchase?

Where would you like to visit over Christmas vacation?

How do you relax after a day of Christmas shopping?

What are you most thankful for this holiday season?

What bird will you cook for Christmas dinner?

What inflatable ornament do you like most?

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

Which of Santa's reindeer do you like best?

What job would you hold at Santa's workshop?

What toy will you purchase this year?

What will you leave for Santa on Christmas Eve?

How would you describe your holiday spirit?

How many times have you seen 'The Nutcracker'?

What wintertime activity do you enjoy most?

What hot drink do you prefer in the winter?

What is your favorite holiday scent?

What Christmas disaster do you fear?

What will your family do after Christmas dinner?

What gift would you like to receive most?

What is the worst gift you have ever been given?

Who will do the most of the holiday cooking?

What does Mrs. Claus do on Christmas Eve?

What is your favorite holiday flavor?

What candy would you use to decorate your gingerbread house?

Do you wear goofy Christmas socks?

What kind of films do you prefer?

Are you good at gift wrapping?

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