What Cat Breed Guards Your Heart?

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According to Egyptian mythology, cats are the guardians of the underworld. They represent the cat goddess, Bastet, or Bast, who represents protection, music, family, love, dance, and joy. 

Bastet is also the goddess of protection against evil spirits and contagious illnesses. No one can protect you better than a feline goddess can, and Egypt is not the only ancient civilization who believed this. Cats have the most active part in myths and folklore of all animals on Earth. There is no denying the magic cats carry inside them, but do you know which specific cat breed guards your heart? 

Just like people, cats are individuals, and each cat has a distinct personality. When it comes to temperament, some breeds are genetically predetermined to have certain predispositions and personality traits. Some cat breeds are more affectionate, while others are more active and playful, and each breed can only guard a certain type of heart.  A gentle Persian will have a hard time guarding a rebel heart, just like an active Siamese wouldn’t know how to handle a laid-back person with a heart that doesn’t like excitement. 

Does a Russian Blue guard your heart or does the paw of a charming ragdoll keep your soul safe? Take this quiz to find out what cat breed guards your heart!

Which word describes you best?

Would you say you are a good listener?

What type of person are you at parties?

When your heart gets broken, how quickly does it heal?

If you were a cat, what sort of collar would you like to wear?

Tonight you have a free evening. How do you spend it?

Which cartoon cat is your favorite?

You just got home from a long day of work/school. How are you most likely to unwind?

You are all dressed up, on your way out the door, eager to get out. Where are you going?

For what do you use your phone/computer most often?

How do you usually comfort people?

What does your ideal dinner look like?

If you could choose to live in one city for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

If you got stuck on a desert island, with what would you want to be stuck?

You have an entire week to do anything you want. What are you excited about the most?

What do you look for in a friend?

What's your favorite physical characteristic about yourself?

What sort of a hugger are you?

Someone you've just met asks a personal question. How do you react?

Are you easily amused?

How do you act when a new person joins your group of friends?

When you first meet someone, do they quickly warm up to you?

Are you shy around strangers?

Would you say that your friends think you are funny?

Do you ever go to the movies alone?

If a new person goes in for a hug or a friendly kiss, how do you react?

Do you create your own path in life, or do you just go with the flow?

Would you say you are a playful person?

You have so much work/homework to do, you are stuck in the house for a whole week. Does that drive you crazy?

When you feel like you deserve something, do you say it out loud?

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