What Cartoon Cat Are You?

Ashley D

Image: Warner Bros.

About This Quiz

If you think that all cats do is lounge around, stare at you with penetrating eyes when they're hungry, act like crazed maniacs when faced with a new catnip toy and cuddle on their own schedules, you could be right. But cats are deeper than that in personality, quirks and silliness. In fact, the types of cats we are comparing you to are totally unique. 

Are you a bouncy, trouncy cat that seeks out fun and happiness, or a steely, determined cat that always gets what he or she wants? Are you a lazy, critical cat, turning your nose up if you're not satisfied, or are you that fun cat who wants to be the center of attention? You know, the type of cat that lays on your keyboard while you try to work. They're just trying to help!  

Take this quiz and find out what your cartoon kitty personality would be if you turned into a feline.  Remember, even if curiosity killed the cat, you still have nine lives, so don't worry about being curious about your cartoon kitty twin! We promise you a roaring good time!

If a rain drop falls from the sky, you're feeling:

The most delicious snack is:

You would rather:

A dog is approaching. You do what?

Time for a bath! What's your reaction?

Finish this sentence: Cats rule, dogs...

What is your go-to birthday gift for a friend?

When you're being held by a human you feel:

The best place to take a nap is:

What's your most prominent feature?

Which of the following best describes you?

Which artist/band name most closely describes one of your obsessions?

Which invention would you like to take credit for?

What's your favorite magazine?

Pick a snack:

How do you feel about Mondays?

What kind of milk do you prefer?

Pick your favorite winter accessory:

When someone asks you for directions, you:

Do you want kids?

Pick your favorite type of fish:

If you could be fluent in one language, which would you pick?

Do you like hugs?

Do people have a hard time ignoring you?

You woke up late, so what do you complain about?

What's your meow like?

Have you ever been accused of being distant and cold?

What color eyes do you have?

How do you like your eggs?

Which social media outlet do you prefer?

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