What Branch of the Military Would You Have Served in During WWII?

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World War II was a truly global conflict. The Pacific theater encompassed all the island nations of the ocean as well as the USA, Australia, India, then-Burma, and others. The Axis and Allies warred over oil supplies in North Africa, while spies were posted as far south as Mozambique and Madagascar. Nazis fled to Argentina and cabled all sorts of tantalizing information to their friends there, often intercepted by American and British spies in the Caribbean. 

Meanwhile, American troops also fought in the Atlantic theater, encompassing all of Europe. Hitler's operation "Barbarossa," the invasion of Russia, was the most significant and deadliest military operation of the war and carried death and destruction into central Asia. Meanwhile, the travails of Europe are very well known to anyone who has watched Hollywood's usual output, as the Blitz and later the V-weapon program rained fire on Britain and Nazis occupied neighbor after neighbor, sending millions to their deaths.

That means that no matter who you were, you had to choose how to get involved. The Home Front and the intelligence services are for another quiz, but this one is to find out how you'd fit into the military conflict itself. Let's find the right military branch for you!

Would you volunteer or wait for the draft?

How's your aim?

Are you good with technical things?

Which of the Axis powers do you want to mess with the most?

Have you ever thought of visiting Italy?

Which leader do you especially admire?

Do you work best in large or small teams?

How close do you like to get to your enemies?

Do you love to travel?

Do you mind getting wet?

How much do you like to study?

What do you consider to be acceptable odds of dying?

What year do you think World War Two actually started?

How do you like the weather?

What weapon do you like to use?

Can you swim?

Which battle do you want to participate in?

What year do you think the tide of the war turned?

What color uniform suits you best?

Which area of the war would you want to fight in?

What language do you want to be paid to learn to speak?

Did you ever think that the Allies would lose the war?

What would you do after the war?

How often would you need to hear from home?

Would you be able to bring any skills from home?

Do you fancy a trip to North Africa?

Would you know how to fight house to house?

What sort of accommodations would you like to sleep in?

Would you want to take a lot of prisoners?

Can you march neatly in step?

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