What Blood Type Matches Your Personality?

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If you want to know your actual blood type, your best bet is to go to the doctor and get a test done. This might be necessary if you decide to put up a dating profile in Japan, because over there, "personality traits linked to blood types" is culturally analogous to our western zodiac. Some people put a lot of stock into it, like the zodiac, while others do not.

In medicine, there are a total of eight human blood types: A+, O+, B+, AB+, A-, O-, B-, and AB-. These blood types are medically important because certain blood types can donate to other certain blood types and vice versa. Type O- can donate blood to anyone, and type AB+ can receive blood from anyone. In the belief that blood types hold the DNA of our personalities, the number of blood types with acknowledged differences are A, O, B, and AB, so if you know you're one or the other, but you can't remember if you are negative or positive, then you can at least proffer your blood type on a date, as strange as that may sound.

We plan to test your personality and reverse engineer your blood type according to this manner of personality categorization. Will it match your actual blood type? Will it prompt you to get out and have your blood tested by a doctor to see how close we got? No one knows until you take this quiz!

How well do you get on with your work colleagues?

Are you a good liar?

How much do you stand out from the crowd?

How willing are you to break the rules to make a point?

How often do you tidy your dwelling?

How often do you have a passion project to work on in your free time?

Do you ever find yourself agreeing to things you have no intention of pursuing?

When would you arrive for a dinner party scheduled for 7 p.m.?

How do you react when a peer tries to take credit for your work?

How would you react if someone tried to pull you from a project you had put weeks of work into, in order to work on something else?

What unusual skill is most like one you have?

How do you keep fit?

What percentage of your breakups were amicable?

Which of these projects would you do well being put in charge of?

How well do you make new friends?

How would you unwrap a Christmas present?

How would you go about fixing a leaky faucet?

How disciplined are you with money?

How do you plan vacations?

What is the chief virtue required in your field?

Which of these freaks you out the most?

What is the value of the objects you own?

What would you do if you realized you had said you would go to a party you really don't want to go to anymore?

What time would you arrive at work if you officially started at 8:00 a.m.?

How do you feel about the news?

What do you do if a family member doesn't let you have your way?

How often are you criticized on the basis of your social skills?

Would someone ever question your integrity?

How likely are you to take charge in an emergency?

What do you value the most in your life?

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