What Baseball Team Were You Born to Play For?

Daniel Yetman

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Every team in the majors has its own tradition. Some teams like the Red Sox and the Yankees have been around for many years and are among the most iconic sports franchises in the world. Teams like the Rays and Marlins might not have the same size of fan base, but at least they're lower pressure environments for the players. In 2018, Miami had a total of 810,000 fans attend games. That might sound like a lot, but it's 300,000 away from the team with the second-worst attendance, the Tampa Bay Rays. The Dodgers are king when it comes to attendance with over 3.8 million fans attending games last season.

What type of atmosphere do you think you would play best in? Could you handle having your own fans jeering you for an entire game? Could you play in a city where your every move is reported in the local newspaper?

We can tell just by looking at you what team you're most suited for. Are you ready to find out what jersey you should really be wearing? Well, pack your bags because we're about to tell you what city you're going to have to move to next!

What's your opinion on sabermetrics?

What type of player would you be?

Which of these players do you admire the most?

You just had your best season ever right before hitting free agency and hit .339 with 37 home runs and 32 stolen bases. Who are you going to sign with next season?

Team A offers you $200 million over 10 years. Team B offers you $150 million over 5 years. Who do you sign with?

Do you think a team should try to outspend everybody else if it wants to win?

What do you think about teams that tank and sell off their players so that they can compete down the road?

Do you bat left or right?

Are you from a small town or big city?

How much media attention do you want to have?

Which of these teams would win the World Series if they were in the league today?

Can you handle being heckled by fans?

Would you prefer to live on the East Coast or West Coast?

What's your favorite part about baseball?

Could you stand playing on a last place team three years in a row if it meant winning the World Series the season after?

Which of these uniform features do you like the most?

Which of these would make the best team name?

You would rather play for a team known for ...

Which of these colors do you prefer on a uniform?

Why would you want to be a major league ballplayer?

You're most well-known for your ...

Which of these pitchers would you most want on your team?

How often do you watch baseball?

Your team makes it to the playoffs but loses in the first round. How successful was the season?

Would you rather win a World Series on a team that's expected to win or win a World Series with an underdog?

How would you best describe how you perform under pressure?

Which one is more important, having good pitching or having good hitting?

What do you think about teams that hand out 10- to 15-year contracts?

In your opinion, which of these strategies do you think wins the most games?

Which type of fans would you like to play in front of?

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