What Attracts Boys to You?

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Contrary to popular belief, not all men think with their second heads, although a pretty good percentage seem to do so. And although they may not be checking out how long your legs are or how much your eyes sparkle, there is something about you that makes a man stop and think. It makes them want to get to know you more. But what it is? What's that one thing that attracts a man to you? 

For ages, we've have been trying to figure out what drew men to us in the first place. Why? Because we're curious beings, of course. And it also has something to do with the fact that most men tell us what they think we want to hear and not the truth. So we're taking them out of the situation entirely and replacing them with this quiz, which will tell you exactly what it is about you that makes a man want to get to know you more. 

And because we know you're on the edge of your seat to find out, all you'll need to do is answer some easy questions to find out what the truth is. Does your man like you for your sense of humor, or is it something else entirely? Let's find out! 

How many guys approach you every week?

What's the first thing they compliment you on?

Is your response usually encouraging?

Do you feel like the same kind of guy approaches you all the time?

Where do they usually approach you?

What do guys do that impresses you?

How many times have you given your number out in the past month?

Where are you normally taken on a first date?

Who usually pays?

How often does the guy try to kiss you on the first date?

How often do you let them?

How long do guys usually wait to contact you after a date?

What kind of flirting have you encountered the most?

About what percentage of guys who want you actually get a shot to court you?

How would you rate most of the guys who come up to you, out of four (one is the least and four is the most)?

Are you picky when it comes to guys?

Do you have a type?

How many months of the year are you usually single?

Do guys ever say you're intimidating?

What's the one thing you wish guys didn't do?

What do all your exes tend to love about you?

What do you like about being in a relationship?

Have you ever lived with someone else?

Just how independent are you?

Why do your relationships usually end?

Would you want to date you?

Are you easy to talk to?

What's your best quality?

But what do you need to work on?

And lastly, are you in a relationship right now?

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