What Astrological Sign Are You Most Sexually Compatible With?

Ian Fortey

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How many times have you checked your horoscope to see what it had to say about your fate for the day? And how many times did it warn against this vague thing or that and then suggest maybe you'll have some luck in romance today or even a little bit of difficulty without telling you much about that other person? Why is that? Surely your horoscope and their horoscope ought to match up on the relationship side of things. Isn't there some way of know which sign you're going to click with a little better than others? And not just in terms of general interest or a desire to hold hands while you walk down the beach. You're interested in the good stuff, right? You want to know who you're going to click with on a sexual level. And why wouldn't you? Any edge you can get that leads to having a fun time is worth checking out. 

If you've been having trouble figuring out who you mesh with the best, then worry no longer! Answer a few simple questions for us and we'll figure out which astrological sign is the one that's most sexually compatible with you. Just take the quiz and see!

Before you hook up with someone new do you ask them what their sign is?

How often do you check your horoscope?

When you meet someone new, are you getting right to business or do you like to take it slow?

If you were down to meet someone new, would you use the internet?

Are you a fan of the one-night stand?

What's the worst first date idea that people insist on trying out all the time?

Have you ever had a horoscope that turned out to be eerily accurate?

Which animal from the Chinese zodiac do you wish was part of the Western zodiac?

Have you ever gone to a psychic to have a reading done?

Have you ever been inspired to get a little sexy outdoors?

Is the ability to cook sexy to you?

Would you ever not date someone based solely on their zodiac?

What food do you think is the greatest aphrodisiac?

Are you able to tell a partner what you're into or is it too awkward to have a discussion like that?

How jealous would you say you are?

Have you ever had a friend with benefits?

Any chance you've ever been to a strip club before?

Have you ever gone to an adult store to buy toys or dirty movies?

Do you own any clothes that you only wear to try to turn someone else on?

Is a threesome a good idea or a bad idea?

If your partner suggests something new in bed, how are you going to respond?

How soon do you know if you're going to have sex with someone?

How many sexual partners have you had in your life?

Have you ever had a Tarot card reading?

Got any dirty photos on your phone right now that aren't pics of you?

If your partner wanted to film the two of you getting sexy, would you agree to it?

How important is dirty talk in your sexual repertoire?

Would it be cool if we looked in your nightstand right now?

Would you ever sext your partner while they were at work?

Ever since "Fifty Shades of Grey," BDSM has gotten a lot more popular. Are you into it?

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