What Are You Going to Get Pulled Over For?

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One of the annoying things about the auto industry - other than the fact that "Back to the Future" clearly proved that we should have had flying cars at affordable prices by the year 2015, a target that they have now missed - is that they insist on not building automated vehicles quickly enough. Instead of spending our commutes or shopping trips chatting with friends, getting a nap or catching up on some work, we have to keep two hands on the wheel and obey an incredibly long list of rules as we pay attention solely to driving. We can converse a little or listen to music, sure, but generally speaking, we're stuck with the repetitive task of maneuvering a heavy machine among a bunch of people of questionable competency, all doing likewise.

Is this a good way to spend our time? Of course not! Thus, it's no wonder that some of us don't do it perfectly. After all, we are only human, and if we get annoyed and go a little faster, that's very understandable. We have places to be! Why shouldn't we cathartically let out our rage at the buffoons who get in our way? Why should we waste our hard-earned money on having two brake lights in working order when one is surely enough to signal our intentions?

Why not indeed - and the answer is not just that it's a lot safer, it's also because the alternatives will get us pulled over. It's wiser to do everything right, and get pulled over for a mistake instead of a purposeful infraction. That way, when you are pulled over anyway, at least you'll know why!

Are you in a hurry?

How mad are you?

What's on the radio?

Who else is in the car?

What are you driving?

How often do you get pulled over?

How old is your car?

What type of road are you on?

What's the weather like in your area?

What is the purpose of your typical short trip?

Do you ever take long road trips?

Are you a patient person?

How's your eyesight?

Do you suffer fools gladly?

Where did you learn to drive?

How far do you drive per month?

What's your estimated lifelong driving total?

Do you have to drive for work?

Who owns the car you drive the most?

How many years have you had a license?

How many times did you have to take the driving test?

Have you ever driven in a foreign country?

Do you like driving?

What time of day do you drive most often?

Do you usually get enough sleep?

Be honest: do you text and drive?

Do you get nervous behind the wheel?

Have you ever been in a crash?

Can you drive a stick shift?

Are you lucky?

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