Quiz: What are the unique health concerns of elderly people with diabetes?

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The prevalence of diabetes and its related health complications is staggering in the elderly population. If you are taking care of an elderly family member who has diabetes, he or she will have unique health concerns. Take this quiz to learn how the elderly with diabetes should be medically treated.

What age does the term “elderly” refer to?

The term "elderly" usually refers to people age 65 and older. People in this age group are at increased risk of developing diabetes and its related health complications. The prevalence of type 2 diabetes is especially high.


What is the leading cause of disability and death among the elderly?

It's important to effectively treat hypertension in the elderly, as heart attacks and strokes are the leading cause of disability and death for this age group.


Will elderly people with diabetes all have the same health concerns?

When caring for the elderly with diabetes, it's important to remember that this group is rather diverse. Some people will have few health complications, whereas others are riddled with diabetes-related health issues.


What diabetes-related medical concerns in the elderly typically go unaddressed by doctors?

Make sure that your elderly family member's doctor addresses all diabetes-related concerns, including depression, falls, appropriate medication use and incontinence.


What should the elderly person's treatment focus on?

An elderly person's treatment should be based on his or her unique situation. A doctor should take into consideration life expectancy, functional status, cognitive impairment, social support and patient preferences.


How is an elderly person's blood glucose level monitored?

Routine A1C blood tests allows a doctor to monitor an elderly person's blood glucose level. It's unrealistic to expect that all elderly people have the physical ability or mental capacity to monitor it themselves.


Besides regular medical checkups, what is recommended for elderly people with diabetes?

A doctor should encourage diabetes education. In the U.S., the elderly patient and his or her family should also be informed that this service is covered under Medicare.


What should elderly individuals with diabetes be closely monitored for?

Elderly individuals, especially those who have diabetes, tend to be on many medications. It's not uncommon for medications to interact, so doctors need to regularly address possible drug interactions.


Doctors who treat the elderly with diabetes should _______.

Treatment of the elderly with diabetes should be individualistic, yet based on clear and ethical treatment guidelines. Doctors should take into consideration the patient's needs and medical status and provide effective care that is tailored for that specific individual.


All elderly patients should be screened for what mental health condition?

Since depression has such a high prevalence in the elderly, all should be screened. If depression is suspected, a referral to a mental health professional should be made.


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