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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AOC for short, has just been the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. She made waves when she defeated longtime representative Joe Crowley in the New York Democratic primary. It's a big change for New York, as well as for AOC herself. Up until about a year ago, she was still working as a bartender. She understands the daily grind that many of us experience.

AOC ran on a very progressive platform, unlike anything ever seen before. She wants Medicare for all. She believes that the United States should adopt a healthcare system more reminiscent of those in Europe.  That means a single-payer system with coverage for medical, vision, dental and mental health. 

She also wants drastic immigration reform. AOC would like to abolish ICE and to establish a clear path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants. And in consensus with her fellow Democrats, she would like more protection for the "Dreamers."

However, her biggest splash has been in her Green New Deal proposal. AOC would like to see the U.S. implement a carbon-free, 100% renewable energy system and fully modernized electric grid by 2035. It's a tall order, but if you, like AOC, believe that climate change is the biggest threat to national security and the world-wide industrialized civilization, it's the only logical thing to do.

Her platform also includes issues like campaign-finance reform, justice-system reform and tuition-free college. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn't afraid to make changes. Her passion seems to know no bounds. How much are you like her?

You're traveling in a foreign country and your host offers you chicken feet and bugs for a meal. Do you try it?

Emojis make texting so much more fun. What's your favorite one to use?

You can never please everybody. Which subset of the population is the most persecuted?

You're going to host a rally. Which city do you choose to hold it in?

Do you know how to mix a drink?

You need to catch up on the news. Where do you go for your information?

Have you ever considered learning how to fly a plane?

How would you address border security?

Good news! The following animals have all made it off the endangered species list. Which is your favorite?

The budget needs major cuts in order to balance. Which program do you get rid of?

Constituents' pets love AOC, and the feeling seems to be mutual. What's your favorite pet?

If you were in charge, how would you propose we reduce crime in poverty-stricken areas?

You've earned yourself a nice evening in on the couch. What classic movie do you choose to watch?

We all have different ideas of political heroes. Who is yours?

The economy is beginning to lag. How should we bring jobs back to the United States?

There are signs of climate change all around us. How do you feel about it?

AOC is one well-read representative. Which of her book recommendations do you find the most appealing?

Everyone needs allies. Which country should be our strongest ally right now?

Imagine you are taking an anatomy class. Would it bother you to see a human hand preserved in a jar?

How do you feel about political change?

You don't feel like cooking tonight. Where do you go out to dinner?

Congratulations! You just won the lottery! You'd like to give some of it to a charity. Who gets your money?

You're on a long road trip and you need a snack. What do you buy from the gas station?

AOC needs to stay on top of the news, but there's no harm in an occasional podcast as well. Which of the following is your favorite?

Renewable energy may be the best way to limit climate change. What's your view?

AOC prefers non-dairy milk. Which alternative is your favorite?

Which of the following most aligns with your views on health care?

You just moved into a new house. What's the first piece of furniture you set up?

If you could take any college class for free, what would you choose?

It's time for a much-needed vacation! What do you do?

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