What Animal Matches Your Primal Instincts?

Talin Vartanian

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About This Quiz

Can we guess what animal matches your primal instincts? Well, that's exactly what we're going to do in this quiz! We're about to ask you 30 questions about your personality traits and primal instincts to determine which animal you really are! Whether you're curious like a cat, or protective like a wolf, take this quiz now to find out more! Primal instincts are fundamental to both humans and animals. We use this instincts in a variety of ways for survival purposes, as well as for forming friendships with others. Primal instincts can also be utilized to protect ourselves and our vulnerable feelings. For example, if someone is using your friendship for money, you can usually tell with your gut instincts!

One way to heighten your primal instincts is by observing others more carefully. Listen to the way they talk, their speech patterns and observe their body language. A conversation is about more than just talking, as listening is usually even more important. This will help you to tell what other people are like, as well as their own personality traits and motives. But enough talk about primal instincts, it's time for you to take this quiz to find out what animal you're really like right now!

How protective are you of others?

Can you sense when something is wrong?

How often do you become angry at someone?

Are you more of an early bird or a night owl?

You just saw someone steal your lunch! What are you going to do about it?

How often do you groom yourself?

Do you think you could survive in the wild?

Which of these environments would you want to live in?

What are you confident about in your life?

Are you able to tell when someone is lying to you?

Who or what influences your decisions in life?

Have you ever taken any risks in your life?

Do you have a fiery and sarcastic personality?

What do you feel the most lazy about?

How do you act when things don't go your way?

What are your instincts like with regards to money?

Do you tend to trust others easily?

How do you find peace in your life?

Are you afraid of standing up for what's right?

Can you admit when you're wrong about something?

What do you tend to brag about?

Which of your five senses could you not live without?

Are you shy around a crowd of people?

Do you often show sympathy to others?

What do you get jealous about in your life?

Are you a competitive type of person?

What scares you the most in life?

Where does your sense of security come from?

Can people rely on you for support?

How do you cheer up someone who is sad?

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