What Animal Do You Become When the Sun Goes Down?

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Nocturnal animals are those that sleep all day tucked away somewhere in nature and come out at night to eat, mate and enjoy their lives. There are the animals that you're probably familiar with, like bats and skunks, but there are all types of animals that you've never seen and have probably never even heard of. Some are cute and cuddly; some you wouldn't want to be anywhere near. Nocturnal animals ended up this way because of evolution. It might be that the food they eat only comes out at night, so they evolved to also be nocturnal. Or maybe it's the opposite, and the animals that want to eat the other animal are awake during the day, so the prey turned nocturnal as a means of survival.

If you read up a little bit on these animals, you might find yourself sharing many characteristics with one or another. Animals aren't that really that different from us. We just became accustomed to different ways of life and a different food chain and circadian rhythm. Nocturnals have personalities, preferences and aversions just like we do. 

So, do you want to know which animal you turn into when the sun goes down? Take this quiz and we'll tell you!

Do you have an activity that you like doing better at night?

Are you more of a night person or a day person?

What kind of overnight job would you want to have?

What makes nighttime so interesting?

If you were an animal, where would you want to live?

When you can't sleep, what's usually the reason?

Could you make it as a vampire?

Which animal are you most like during the day?

Have you ever stayed up all night?

Is there anything that helps you sleep when you feel restless?

Do you enjoy sleeping in, or does it make you feel lazy?

Are you a good sleeper?

When you sleep, do you hog the blankets?

If your partner snored, what would you do?

What food would have to be available at night if that's when you were awake?

Is there something you would do better at night than during the day?

What are most of your dreams about?

Where would you hide out in the colder months as an animal?

If you need to stay up for something but are getting tired, how do you keep yourself awake?

Of the five senses, which one is your strongest?

What are you like when you're angry?

Where would you most like to vacation?

Which weather condition can you just not stand?

Do you like to be around people?

Other than normal house pets, with what animal would you want to be friends?

Does the phase of the moon matter much to you?

Which mythical creature would you want to be in your next life?

Is going clubbing an activity you enjoy?

What is your greatest fear?

If given the choice, would you have the ability to fly?

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