Which Fierce Ancient Woman Were You in a Past Life?

Brian W.

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About This Quiz

When the movie "Wonder Woman" came to the big screen, was your response, “Damn right, she rules!” Do you feel good when your muscles are pumped at the gym? Do you like supervising a staff to meet a major goal? Then you NEED to take this quiz. Find out about your inner warrior and start feeling the confidence grow with each battle you take on.

From Joan of Arc to Cleopatra, there are many stories of women who have changed the course of history.

Ever hear about Boudicca? She was a 1st-century Celtic Queen of the Iceni tribe. After the Romans took everything from her and her daughters once her husband died, she refused to roll over and be a doormat. She led the Britons in revolt against the Romans. Maybe you know of Nakano Taketo. She ruled! She was a female samurai warrior who lived from 1847—1868 CE (Common Era.) She broke the “rules” of the times to become an honored samurai.

How about you? What strengths will this quiz find in your heart and mind? Answer the questions as honestly as you can. Your answers on likes and dislikes will be matched to one of the fierce ancient women who made their mark on history. Take the quiz now by clicking the button below.

How do you battle your enemies?

What would most likely have been?

How gorgeous are you?

What do your friends say is your best quality?

Where would you like to live?

What do your friends say is your worst quality?

How educated are you?

Why would you enter war?

Are you good at martial arts?

Ever dress as a member of the opposite sex in public?

How much of reader are you?

What would you do if a homeless man approached you?

What would you do if your partner cheated on you?

What do you do when your boss asks you to do a task you hate?

What do you do when you encounter someone hungry?

Which female rapper would you be?

How flirtatious are you?

How would you choose to work out?

If someone tried to mug you, you would...

What do you think of the lowest members of society?

What would you use if you wanted to dispose of someone?

What do you do on the weekend?

Pick a drink.

What is most important to you?

What were you like in high school?

What would you choose to eat?

I know you probably wouldn't but if you had to, when would you break the law?

If God talked to you, would you do what he said?

Who are you on "Game of Thrones?"

Who are you at the office?

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