What '80s Glam Rock Band Are You?

By: Steven Miller
Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

Whether you show your particular style of glam through face paint, big neon hair, or flashy showmanship, we're about to pair you up with the glam band you were always meant to be a part of. Crank it up.

How hedonistic is your lifestyle?

Which city fits your personal style the best?

Which famous glam rock band member do you like the most?

Which of the following glam rock songs do you like the most?

How big do you want to wear your hair?

How do you feel about wearing face paint on the stage?

How appealing is wearing a hat on stage to you?

Which glam rock album is your favorite?

Which colors best fit your stage presence?

How into fire-breathing would you be?

How much pyrotechnics would there be in your show?

Which instrument would you most like to play in the band?

How into leather are you?

Would you consider yourself to be into hard rock?

How likely are you to be involved in a major scandal?

How would you describe your groupies?

How impressive is your singing voice?

Which venue best fits your personality?

How long would you like to live the rock lifestyle?

Do you think you're Rock and Roll Hall of Fame material?

How likely are you to reference Satan in your music?

How into ballads are you?

Are you trashing the hotel room?

Do you have any tattoos?

Do you have any piercings?

How likely are you to wear platform shoes?

How late are you partying after the show?

Is a sex tape of you going to show up out there?

How good would you be with the press?

Would you enjoying living life on the road in a tour bus?

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