What % Jesus Are You?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

No one can be Jesus except Jesus, but you can strive to be as Jesus-like as you possibly can. Times might be different than when the Lord walked the earth, but the underlying values of his ministry remain the same. Once you answer these questions about your choices and your views, we'll be able to tell you how much you have in common with the divine being who walked among us. 

While we're sure that some of you have heard that you act like Jesus, we're going to assume that it was a sarcastic remark. Truly being like Jesus of Nazareth means that you possess kindness and empathy. It also means that you are willing to live by the golden rule and to help your fellow man. 

As you read the questions we present, your absolute honesty is required. Think of it like a virtual confession booth where you get to be truthful with your maker. Anything you tell us will remain with us, but we do encourage you to challenge your friends to be more Jesus-like than you are once you know. 

Are you as much like Jesus as you hope you are, or would Lucifer love to have you over for dinner? Scroll down to find out how much holy water runs through your veins! 

When is the last time you attended a religious service?

Are you able to turn the other cheek when you are wronged?

How many Bible verses could you recite?

Would you rather feed someone or teach them to fish?

Do you always practice the Golden Rule?

Which of these virtues do you try to uphold?

Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?

Have you ever broken the law?

Do you find prayer or meditation more soothing?

Which of Jesus' disciples do you know most about?

Are you ready for the Rapture?

Which book of the Bible are you most familiar with?

Which character would you play in a navitity scene?

Would you stop to help an injured baby bird?

If you could sit down with Jesus, what would you ask first?

How would you help a struggling coworker?

Are you good as resisting temptation?

Finish this sentence: Love is _____.

Which biblical story is your life most like?

Have you ever tried to walk on water?

What do you admire most about Jesus?

Which movie about Jesus do you like the most?

When you see a rainbow, what do you think about?

If you saw someone being bullied, would you step in?

Which of these world religions is most interesting to you?

Do you believe that everything can be forgiven?

What do you think your guardian angel is like?

How often do you say grace before a meal?

Which of these sins might you have committed recently?

Where do you think Jesus went for three days after the crucifixion?

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