What % Hailey & Justin Bieber Are You And Your Significant Other?

Alex Wittman

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Of all the millennial celebrity couples, Hailey (formerly Baldwin) and Justin Bieber are probably our fave.  Like, their story is definitely not without its ups and downs, but what romance isn't? TBH, their struggles are what make us adore Justin and Hailey the way we do. Even though they're crazy famous (and, not to mention, insanely rich), they still fight and makeup like the rest of us. Human AF, and we are living for it.

Hailey and Justin's love story dates back all the way to 2009. Can you believe Hailey was only 13 years old when she met her now-husband? OMG, they were just babies then. In fact, their first meeting was caught on Vine. The social media platform might not exist anymore, but the video lives on so our children may someday see Hailey and Justin's first moment. They became friends, then they dated. Then, they were friends again. Then, they dated again.

If Hailey and Justin's relationship sounds confusing, don't worry. You're not alone. We have to reference an actual timeline to keep our facts straight. Justin's long-running relationship with Selena Gomez only makes everything messier, but if it was simple, we definitely wouldn't be as obsessed. 

Take our quiz to reveal what percent Hailey and Justin Bieber you and your significant other are. How much of this celebrity couple are you and your love? The results may leave you shook.

You better belieb it! How long have you and your significant other known each other?

Take it back to where it all began. How did you and your significant other meet?

Were you and your significant other friends before you started dating?

We don't need you to go through all the receipts, but did you or bae date someone else while you've know each other?

Have you and your significant other ever low key tried to hide your relationship?

Do you and your significant other totally slay selfies together?

Before you and bae got together, did you guys run with the same crew?

Would you and your significant other ever get matching tattoos?

What's mine is yours! Do you and bae swap clothes or sneak stuff from each other's wardrobes?

Fam jam, for real. Have you and your significant other ever done a vacay with your families?

Have you and your S.O. ever broken up (but obvi gotten back together)?

How down are you and bae for an adorable celebrity couple nickname of your own?

What would you do if your significant other unfollowed you on Instagram?

Where do you and your S.O. stand on PDA?

Which of the following is your fave Justin Bieber song?

How would you feel if your significant other proclaimed their love for you on social media?

ATM, which Justin Bieber bop best describes your relationship?

Which millennial supermodel slays the hardest?

To round out your cute AF family, what's your and your significant other's top choice for a pet?

Weddings are a big mood. What's your ceremony style?

Give us your thoughts on secret weddings. Would you and your significant other ever tie the knot on the absolute DL?

Okay, this is way bougie. Would you and your significant other sign a pre-nup?

Would you be down for your ex to sing at your wedding?

In your opinion, how important is equality in a relationship?

Does your significant other ever comment on your social media posts?

Finding the perfect nickname for your significant other is total #GOALS. Which of the following pet names is your fave?

Times are changing in this woke AF era, but what are your thoughts about changing your last name when you get married?

Imagine that you and your significant other are planning a destination wedding. Where are you two saying "I do?"

It's just facts every relationship has its issues. What kind of problems do you and your significant other mostly deal with?

When you and your significant other talk about the future, do you guys plan on having a family?

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