What % Dating Smart Are You?

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Dating is one of those things that very few people are naturally good at. This is partly because expectations change constantly, but also because dating is not entirely a skill. It's a test of compatibility, and that means that if you are simply unlucky about who you meet or live in a location with limited opportunities to date, it's quite hard to just become good at it as a one-sided activity.

However, there are things you can learn either by doing or by taking advice from intelligent sources (meaning, not your drunken frat friend). For example, it's useful to really instill in yourself that just because someone pays for dinner does not mean you owe them anything. They have enjoyed the pleasure of your company, so you're already square! Similarly, it's useful to know how to heed a red flag, and to be self-aware about your own dealbreakers when it comes to religion, kids and lifestyle.

You should also know when to call it quits, how to set a boundary and stick to it, and how to be respectful and kind even if you think this isn't the person for you. It's also possible to grow out of silly criteria regarding things that don't matter much, like height, weight or how they drive (as long as they're safe), and start focusing on the things that do matter, like whether you make one another laugh and whether they'll be there when the chips are down. Knowing your goals is also key, from casual dating to marriage. After all, as Yogi Berra said, "If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up someplace else."

Let's see if you've got your dating skillset down. It's time to get started!

Do you know how to leave a situation that feels "off"?

What is the least important preference on your list?

If you like someone, do you tell them?

It's not working. How do you call it quits?

Do you know what your dealbreakers are?

Assuming they're just a bad fit rather than actively cruel, would you ever ghost someone?

When is it OK to kiss a new person?

When do you mention any debts you have?

The spark just isn't there. What's a good enough reason to stick around anyway?

Do you consider it "settling" or compromising if you end up with someone who isn't the most gorgeous person in the world?

Do you know what you actually want out of dating?

If they make you a meal and it makes you sick because they undercook the chicken, how do you feel?

Do you feel obliged to be extra nice to someone if they pay for everything?

Do you think "just be yourself" is good advice?

Whose opinion on your potential partner do you give most weight?

What's a red flag that you think most people don't recognize?

If it's not making you happy, what's a good reason to stick around anyway?

Is it ever OK to date more than one person at once?

What counts as a date?

Have you ever dated someone from a very different background?

Do you think differences like religion, lifestyle or whether to have kids can ever be overcome?

Would you date someone who still lived with their parents?

If you've gone on 10 dates and they ghost you, how many times should you reach out?

Do you stay in touch with exes?

What could a person say about their ex that would raise a huge red flag?

If you love the great outdoors and they're a homebody, or vice versa, is that a disaster?

Could you date someone who lived more than 100 miles away?

How long would you be willing to date someone before you meet the parents, assuming they live nearby?

At what point do you say, "If I haven't seen your home, I'm done here"?

How long is too long for two adults who believe in marriage to date without an engagement?

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