What % Cowboy Are You?

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Cowboys are one of the first things most people think of when they think of things with distinctly American origins. While the term may have come from the ranch hands from which it draws its name, the expression has come to mean a spectrum of people who live lives on the edge, from true cowboys, to "regulators," to rangers. Today, the term cowboy is often taken to mean the professional bull riders, but also people who drive aggressively, and other risk-takers.

Statistically, Americans are optimistic people, willing to take risks because we assume things will always work out in the end. This kind of frontier spirit is what makes America the kind of place where big dreams get tested out. Sometimes those big ideas are artisanal vegan hot dogs for cats, and they don't work out, but sometimes they're more like Apple, Ford, or Boeing. The key to launching such successful businesses is accepting risk, and only people who are at least a bit cowboy are going to make that leap of faith. You may never be more than a tenderfoot, but if you want to make it in the US of A, you need some cowboy in you.

So how much cowboy are you? Is it by nature or by nurture? Find out this and more, by taking this quiz!

When you were a kid, how likely were you to take on a new piece of playground equipment?

How much rehearsal time do you need before making a big ask of your boss?

Are you freaked out by horses?

Have you ever seriously contemplated running off with the circus?

Which of these vacations sounds like your cup of tea?

If you saw a stranger berating a sweet old lady in public, how would you respond?

Do you get super political on social media?

You're confronted in public by someone who says that you owe them money. How do you respond?

You're offered an amazing chance to travel to a far off place and live out a personal dream, but you haven't got the money. What's your response to the offer?

How old were you when you learned to ride a bicycle?

What would be your immediate reaction to the fire alarm going off in your home?

When you graduated from high school, how did you reinvent yourself?

You're shopping for clothing, you see a fabulous item nothing like the rest of your clothes. Do you buy it?

If you saw someone being hassled in a bar, how likely are you to step in and defuse the situation?

When you sense a chance to undertake a decision at work, do you take it?

How do you react when you meet a large dog for the first time?

What kind of music do you listen to when driving?

If you were out with friends and one of them offered you a taste of a food you couldn't identify, would you try it?

Have you ever volunteered to be involved in a magic show that asked for audience participation?

If you ever quit an instrument, why did you quit?

How would you feel if asked to speak at a friend's wedding?

How ambivalent are you about commitment?

If you were a trapeze artist, would you be able to do a basic routine without a net?

Would you accept a promotion at work even if you didn't think you could do it?

How many languages do you know, other than English?

Would you let a friend send you on a blind date?

If you cut a finger cooking, how do you react?

Which of the following is closest to a course you've taken, to gain a skill set?

What percentage of your close friends had a very different upbringing?

How safe is the career path you've chosen?

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