What % Boyfriend Material Are You?

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Being in a relationship with that special someone is about treating them with respect, going out of your way to make them happy and spending time with them. If these types of things sound obvious to you, then you might be more boyfriend material than you realize!

So what does the phrase, "boyfriend material" mean? Well, it has to do with having many qualities of a great boyfriend. One of these qualities would be confidence. If you feel good about yourself, then this will naturally shine through your personality. And even if you have low self-esteem, it's important to be optimistic in front of the person you love, rather than to always critique yourself.

Here's another great quality to have: thoughtfulness. If you can come up with creative gift ideas (and bonus points if you can make the gift yourself), then you'll surely win the love of your crush or significant other. Anyone can walk into a store and buy something, but how many people take the time to make cute gifts like jewelry, scrapbooks and drawings? You could even write some poetry if you're not into arts and crafts. For more insight into what percent boyfriend material you are, take our relationship quiz now!

Can you remember specific details from a conversation with someone?

Which of these Valentine's Day gifts would you get for your significant other?

If your significant other called you up at 3 a.m., would you answer the phone?

You've got a first date tonight! Where will you take your lucky significant other?

How do you feel about cuddling with your significant other?

Are you afraid of saying the phrase "I love you" to your crush or significant other?

Would you ever want to learn how to cook a Beef Wellington dish for the crush of your dreams?

Does texting your crush or significant other seem like a chore to you?

Your crush or significant other really wants a new shirt for their birthday. How much money are you willing to spend on this shirt?

How would you rate how mature your inner soul is using our 1-10 scale?

It's time to show off your dance moves because your date wants to go out dancing tonight! How do you feel about this?

Would you describe yourself as a family-oriented type of person?

Which of these pets would you want to adopt with your significant other?

How many months or years would you wait before you decide to move in with your significant other?

Are you the type of person who enjoys a wide variety of hobbies?

Do you have a funny sense of humor that deserves a place on a theatrical stage?

How often would you tell your crush or significant other that they're a beautiful person?

It's the one-year anniversary between you and your significant other! Where are you taking them to eat?

If your significant other chose a career that you didn't agree with, would you be supportive of this?

Which of these adorable cats are you secretly like in a relationship?

If you were going to embark on a road trip with your significant other, where would you take them?

Uh, oh! There's just one slice of pizza left between you and your significant other. Who is going to eat the last slice?

It looks like your restaurant bill with your significant other is $100! Are you going to pay for this?

You notice some food stuck in your significant other's teeth. Are you going to tell them about this?

What matters more to you: someone who is really charming or someone who is extremely good-looking?

How would you fill in the blanks? Being in a relationship is about being __________ with each other.

Your significant other is feeling a bit chilly! Are you going to give them your jacket?

Be honest here: Are you the type of person who gets jealous easily?

Would you describe yourself as a neat and tidy person?

Are you willing to change who you are for the person you love?

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