Quiz: How Well Do You Remember These '80s Rom-Coms?
How Well Do You Remember These '80s Rom-Coms?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Orion Pictures

About This Quiz

The romantic comedy has always been a profitable sub-genre of Hollywood films. 

No matter what decade, you're sure to find many kinds of rom-coms out there. Some of them may be utilizing age-old plot patterns and using "ancient" archetypal characters we could fall in love with, such as those created in Greek mythological stories or those penned by William Shakespeare. And then, there are those that aim to recreate these classic and timeless plots to give it modern-day twists and turns. Of course, we also have so many original concoctions here and there, depending on what's hot, hip and happening during certain eras, epochs, and decades.

So, how do we characterize the rom-coms of the '80s? Well, there are many straightforward narratives here, where love is not too mushy, and sex is not always hidden or vaguely implied. The '80s was a time to be bold and daring, where we saw an intersection of the conventional and the radical. And that's evident in the way romance, love, and sex were concocted in the rom-coms of the decade. 

So, are you ready to guess these '80s films based on a screenshot image of a scene? Roll cam! 

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John Hughes ruled the decade with this one. What’s the title?
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Meg Ryan showed them how to do rom-com here! What’s the title?
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Steve Martin can also do rom-com! What’s this one called?
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Melanie Griffith pulled off a rom-com, too! What’s the title of this one?
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Woody Allen also does rom-coms! What’s this one called?
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Rom-coms also had song titles like this one. What’s it called?
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Gender-bending is also rom-com material. What’s this one called?
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Kevin Costner can do rom-coms for sure. What’s this film called?
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What’s this yuppie rom-com called?
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The Travolta and Newton-John tandem worked in this rom-com. What’s the title?
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Molly Ringwald ruled many rom-coms! What’s this one called?
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This rom-com had a great musical score. What’s the title?
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John Cusack was kind of a rom-com prince back then. What’s this one called?
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Julia Roberts wasn’t that “big” of a star yet here. What’s the title?
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Mary Stuart Masterson rocked her look in this rom-com. What’s it called?
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Even Dudley Moore had a great rom-com hit! What’s the title?
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This star-studded rom-com is called what?
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Tom Hanks handled this rom-com well. What’s it called?
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Martin Short also did rom-coms. What’s this one called?
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Francis Ford Coppola also directed rom-coms! This one is called what?
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Even ethereal beings are cast in rom-coms. What’s this one called?
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This kitschy period film is indeed a funny rom-com. What’s the title?
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Even adventure films can be rom-coms! What’s this one called?
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Yep, Cher did rom-coms! What’s this funny one called?
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Even some sort of detective story can be a rom-com of sorts. What’s this one called?
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Love can make you come to life in this rom-com. What’s it called?
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Teen sex comedies can be rom-coms, too. What’s this one called?
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Even con men can be in rom-coms. What’s this one called?
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Garry Marshall directed many rom-coms, including this one. What’s it called?
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This rom-com is another song title, popular also in the ‘80s. What’s the title?
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Rob Reiner also directed some rom-coms. What’s this one called?
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It’s another adventure rom-com. What’s the title?
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Patrick Dempsey is one of the rom-com princes of that era. What is this film of his?
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Gene Wilder not only acted here but directed as well. What’s it called?
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Martha Coolidge directed this rom-com. What’s the title?
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John Hughes helmed this rom-com, but without teens in the lead. What’s the title?
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Even aliens can be in rom-coms! What’s this one called?
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This film made Tom Cruise a bona fide Hollywood star. What’s it called?
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It’s a rom-com, but with some sad parts. What’s it called?
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