Quiz: We'll Show You the Weapon, You Tell Us Which Military Unit Uses It
We'll Show You the Weapon, You Tell Us Which Military Unit Uses It
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Stocktrek Images/Stocktrek Images/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Are you ready to lock and load?

Weapons are by no means a new concept to humans. From the dawn of humanity, people have realized that there are better ways to cause damage than simply using their fists. From simple things like hurling stones at enemies or throwing sharp objects to hunting animals, humans have been making use of weapons for survival for thousands of years. In fact, winning a battle used to simply be a case of who had the bigger stick to swing and who was stronger. However, as time has gone by, technology has progressed and become more sophisticated, and this is also true for weapons as well. 

Metalworking brought durable swords and shields, carpentry brought catapults and trebuchets and gunpowder brought muskets and cannons. Nowadays, militaries have transcended from these weapons of the past. We are now in the age of fully automatic firearms, state-of-the-art fighter jets, and explosives that could potentially level entire neighborhoods. In this quiz, we won't simply as you to identify the weapons that we show you. Instead, we'll be taking it up a notch and testing your knowledge of the military units that primarily make use of these weapons. Let's see if you know your SEALs from your SpecOps!

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