We'll Show You a Cartoon House, You Tell us What Character Lives in It

By: Kennita Leon
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Technically speaking, cartoons are animated illustrations that usually tell us unrealistic stories. While most are meant to be funny, others teach positive messages. The very first cartoon was said to have appeared in an English magazine in 1843. Since then, cartoons, which were only drawn, now exist in and on just about every type of media.

Now, in 2018, there are cartoons for both kids and adults; there are even some that are targeted toward children which shouldn't be. But we're not here to talk about that. We've included old school and current cartoons and kid and adult cartoons and put them into this quiz. Do you think you can tell us who lives where?

Do you know who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Do you know who lives in the Easter Island head and rock right next to it? Would you be able to identify Tommy Pickles' house, Arnold's apartment complex, the stone home that the Flinstones live in or the Jetsons' space home if we showed you a picture? Well, we're about to show you some cartoon homes and it's up to you to identify the residents of said home. Let's see if you're one of the few who can ace this quiz. 

This yellow/orange and green fruit is fitted with two windows, a door and a chimney and is home to the goofy yellow sea sponge, Spongebob Squarepants.

Fred Flintstone's caveman house features two round holes for windows, a wooden door, a stone garage, roof, and chimney.

This two-story wooden house is situated in the middle of Nowhere and is home to a pink and black dog and his two owners.

The Griffin family lives in a two-story home which has a light yellow paint scheme, red door, and dark green roof.

These two adventure-loving friends live together inside a tall hollow tree with green draping leaves.

Snoopy's doghouse is a simple kennel with his name written over the small, arched opening.

The Flynn-Fletcher family lives in this two-story home which has a yellow and brown exterior.

This small, green, house with a purple roof and satellite serves as the base for an eccentric, power-hungry alien.

The Belcher family runs their business downstairs a two-story, bright-green apartment, which also doubles as their living quarters.

Uncle Chan's shop is located on the first floor of a three-story, light-yellow building.

Billy lives in a traditional, wooden two-story home while Mandy's home, in comparison, appears to be modern.

Mumm Ra's home, also known as the Black Pyramid, is located in the ruins of an ancient city.

Ben Tennyson is seen spending his summer vacation traveling the country in his grandfather's RV, along with his cousin, Gwen.

The team's main headquarters is composed of a giant tree, fitted with various salvaged vehicles and the team's name and numbers painted on it.

This eccentric grandfather lives with his grandchildren, daughter and son-in-law in a cream-colored modern home with a brown roof.

This dimwitted starfish lives underneath a brown rock with a weather vane at the top and hinges attached to it which allows it to open and close.

Woody Woodpecker lives inside the hollowed out part of a tree trunk which he carved out himself.

Papa Smurf, the leader of all smurfs, lives in a mushroom with a red and yellow roof and a white lower half.

Tom lives with his owner, who is sometimes different depending on the episode, while Jerry lives in a small mouse hole.

The Mystery Shack is a tourist trap that features faux exhibits which reflect the town's folklore.

The Fenton family lives in a two-story apartment which doubles as the headquarters for the family's ghost business.

Tommy Pickles, along with his brother, Dil, live in a peach-colored, two-story home with their parents, grandfather and dog, Spike.

These reptilian brothers make a home for themselves underneath the sewers of New York City where they eat, sleep and train.

Kim Possible, along with her brothers and parents, lives in a modern house situated on a cliff.

This group of five teenage superheroes live together in a T-shaped building on a small rock island near the city.

This family of four, six if you count the dog and robot, lives in a futuristic six-floor home (with a dome at the top) which is supported several feet in the air by two thin, metal pillars.

The lead character of this Nickelodeon show lived in a yellow, box-shaped house with a small garage attached to a red spiked roof.

This South Park character lives with his parents in an olive green house with a separate but similarly colored garage nearby.

Timmy Turner lives in a two-story home with a white and red color scheme which is completed with a garage, chimney and satellite.

This hungry, sarcastic, orange cat lives with his owner and dog, Odie, in a two-floor house.

Squidward Tentacles' home resembles an Easter Island head fitted with two round windows and a brown door.

Bugs Bunny's home is a round hole in the ground located next to his mailbox, which leads to a much larger living area.

The Thornberry family is seen traveling the African safari in a yellow RV with black zebra-like stripes.

The Watterson's home is a light blue house with white accents and a balcony, attic and chimney.

This large, purple building, which is shaped like Ferb's head, functions as the main location for Heinz's company as well as his home.

This two-floor house is owned by Pops and functions as a home for the park's employees.

Arnold lives in a red brick apartment building with cream accents; he lives with his kooky grandparents.

Owned by Madame Foster, this tall mansion, which has an orange, black and yellow color scheme, serves as a home for any abandoned imaginary friend.

This house, which is part bone, part fish, reflects the canine and feline siblings' preferences and physical appearance.

These three superheroine siblings live in a sleek, white square-shaped house which has three circular windows.

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