Quiz: We'll Give You Three Historical Events, You Tell Us Which Century They Occurred In!
We'll Give You Three Historical Events, You Tell Us Which Century They Occurred In!
By: Isadora Teich
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Human history is full of incredible events, but do you know when they occurred? Did the French Revolution happen in the 1980s? Put your history knowledge to the test with this HowStuffWorks quiz!

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During which century were Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln born, and Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" published?
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The death of Anne Frank, the suicide of Adolf Hitler and the creation of the first electronic computer occurred in which century?
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Henry Ford developed the first moving assembly line, Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring" premiered and the Titanic sank during the __________ century.
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Alexander Hamilton died, Haiti declared independence from France and Lewis and Clarke began their famous expedition during the _________ century.
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In which century did King John of England sign the Magna Carta, The Sixth Crusade occur and Ghenghis Khan die?
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In which century did the Great European Famine happen, The Ottoman Empire begin and the Hundred Years War start?
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During which century was the atomic bomb created, Gandhi assassinated and NATO begin?
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The French Revolution began, Napoleon conquered parts of Europe and Africa and Uranus was discovered during the ___________ century.
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During which century did WWII begin, Pluto get discovered and Al Capone get sentenced to over a decade in prison for tax evasion?
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When did the Black Death destroy Europe, a monk found the Ming dynasty and Portugal gain independence from Spain?
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Stalin became the dictator of Soviet Russia, the Great Depression happened and the St. Valentine's Day Massacre occurred during the __________ century.
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During which century did the Mayflower land at Plymouth, the Ming Dynasty end in China and the Great Fire of London occur?
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During which century was The Big Bang Theory proposed, did Babe Ruth hit a 34-year home run record and the first female governor was elected in the US?
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Lincoln's assassination, the end of the Civil War and the publishing of Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" all happened in the __________ century.
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Hitler became chancellor of Germany, Prohibition was repealed in the US and the film "Gone with the Wind" premiered during which century?
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When was the Taj Mahal completed in India, Pennsylvania founded and Galileo repressed by the Inquisition?
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The United Kingdom of Great Britain formed, The American Revolution occurred and the steam engine was invented during the ____________ century.
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Kenya achieved independence, JFK was assassinated and The Beatles appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show" during which century?
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When did the Mongols invade Syria, Joan of Arc get burned alive and the printing press get invented?
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During which century was George Washington elected US President, Hawaii discovered and the Rosetta Stone discovered in Egypt?
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Victoria became queen of Great Britain, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony premiered and the world's first photograph was taken during the __________ century.
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During which century did the US declare war on Mexico, Elias Howe patent the sewing machine and the Irish Potato famine occur?
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The US-Mexican war ended, Marx and Engels's "Communist Manifesto" was released and the California gold rush began in the _______ century.
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When did Fidel Castro become president of Cuba, and Alaska and Hawaii become US states?
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The American Civil War began, dynamite was invented and the first-ever Kentucky Derby occurred in the _________ century.
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When did Leif Eriksson discover North America, Murasaki Shikibu complete the world's first novel and William the Conqueror invade England?
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In which century did Queen Victoria die, Theodore Roosevelt become US president and Oklahoma become a US state?
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When did Napoleon declare himself emperor of France, Spain lose control of its South American colonies and the British Empire abolish slavery?
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During which century did WWI occur, the first birth control clinic open and a worldwide flu pandemic kill an estimated 20 million people?
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Peter the Great became Czar of Russia, John Milton's "Paradise Lost" was published and the first African slaves were brought to North America during the ___________ century.
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In which century did Muslims recapture Jerusalem, Norway annexed Greenland and Iceland and Marco Polo sailed to China?
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In which century did Vasco de Gama set up the first European settlement in India, Da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa and Cortes conquer Mexico?
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When did Kabuki theater begin in Japan, the Dutch land in Australia and the English establish Jamestown in North America?
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During which century did Kepler publish his laws of planetary motion, Michael Romanov found the Romanov dynasty in Russia and William Shakespeare die?
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In which century did Ponce de Leon search for the fountain of youth, Ferdinand Magellan set sail to circumnavigate the globe and the Protestant Reformation begin?
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