Quiz: We'll Give You the Home Stadium – You Tell Us the Baseball Team!
We'll Give You the Home Stadium – You Tell Us the Baseball Team!
By: Gavin Thagard
Image: dszc/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Maybe it's the nice, cool spring air blowing through the stands; or maybe it's the hot dogs and popcorn passed out by the vendors in intervals throughout the game; or even better than that, maybe it's the sound of the ball slamming off of the bat and into the far stands. Whatever it is, one thing is certain: There is something special about being at a baseball game. 

Of course, to enjoy every single aspect of a baseball game, fans have to actually go to the stadiums, and luckily, most stadiums today have amenities outside of just watching the game. There are stadiums with pools where you can sit in the outfield, stadiums with breweries and bars and there is even one stadium with a train that runs around it. Yes, baseball stadiums have made quite the advancements over the years. 

How well do you know the 30 stadiums in Major League Baseball, though? Can you match the stadium to the MLB team? Will you be able to recall which teams play in the most historic stadiums or which teams are playing home games in a stadium built in the last decade? Here's a quiz where you can find out!

When you're ready, get started and see if you can knock this quiz out of the park! 

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