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College is just one step away from the NFL. It's here where players can blossom before taking it to a whole new level. Do you know these college players, past and present, and what schools they played for? We're about to find out.

Jason Taylor, Charlie Frye, Domenik Hixon

The Zip have had some pretty famous players in their time, and these three are among them. Defensive end Jason Taylor was one of the most famous.

Chad Hall, Chad Hennings, Bryce Fisher

These players are famous for playing in the Air Force. The Falcons' most memorable player is Chad Hall, who was a remarkable running back, wide receiver and return man.

Terrell Suggs, Todd Heap, Zach Miller

Terrell Suggs, Todd Heap and Zach Miller are all players for Arizona St. The biggest Sun Devil standout is Terrell Suggs.

Brandon Marshall, Atari Bidby, Matt Prater

These gentlemen are all famous players for Central Florida. Other notable players include Asante Samuel and Kevin Smith.

Terrence Newman, Josh Freeman, Ben Leber

Terrence Newman is perhaps one of the most famous players for Kansas State. He was the former Jim Thorpe and Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year.

Wesley Woodyard, John Conner, Steve Johnson

Wesley Woodyard is perhaps the most famous player in Kentucky history. The Wildcats are more known for basketball, but they have still turned out some great football players.

Joseph Addai, Dwayne Bore, Glenn Dorsey

These fine players all hail from Louisiana State. Other notables include Ryan Clark, Alan Faneca and Devery Henderson.

Vernon Davis, Shaun Hill, Kris Jenkins

Vernon Davis is perhaps the most famous player to come out of Maryland. In fact, some have called him the best NFL player from Maryland.

Tom Brady, Jason Avant, Leon Hall

One of the greatest NFL players came out of Michigan. Not only that, but Michigan has a long list of NFL stars.

Patrick Willis, Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis, Eli Manning

There is a stunning list of NFL names that came out of Ole Miss. Eli Manning is one of the best of them.

Ndamukong Suh, Josh Brown, Brandon Jackson

Nebraska has unleashed some great players, and Ndamukong Suh is one of the most famous. He won pretty much every award that could be given out.

Justin Tuck, Ryan Grant, Golden Tate

These are all famous players for Notre Dame. Other notables include John Carlson, Jimmy Clausen and Jeff Faine.

Luis Castillo, Barry Cofield, Nick Roach

The Northwestern Wildcats are a really notable team. Defensive tackle Luis Castillo is one of the most famous.

Steve Jackson, Nick Barnett, Derek Anderson

Steve Jackson is one of the most famous players from Oregon State. Other notables include TJ Houshmandzadeh, 
Chad Ochocinco and 
Sabby Piscitelli.

Robbie Gould, Deon Butler, Kerry Collins

These are all famous players for Penn State. Gould is considered the third most accurate kicker in the history of the sport.

Which football team has won the most national championships?

Yale is credited with winning the most national championships. Princeton is second, with 17 wins.

DeMeco Ryans, Mark Anderson, Roman Harper

These are all immensely famous players for Alabama. Other notables include Rolando McClain and Andre Smith.

What's the most famous trophy in college football?

The Heisman Trophy is considered the top prize in college football. The first award went to Chicago halfback Jay Berwanger in 1935.

Lance Briggs, Mike Bell, Nick Folk

These are famous players from Arizona. Lance Briggs is the most famous player to come out of Tucson.

Shawn Andres, Ken Hamlin, Darren McFadden

The Razorbacks have had a number of notable players in their history. The most famous of these is Giants guard Shawn Andrews.

Ronnie Brown, Jason Campbell, Jay Ratliff

Here are some of the famous players to come out of Auburn. Ronnie Brown is considered to be the best player on this list.

When was the College Football Hall of Fame started?

The College Football Hall of Fame was started in 1955. It is located in South Bend, Indiana.

Matt Bryant, Daniel Sepulveda, David Gettis

These fine players come from Baylor. Baylor was also home to the best middle linebacker in history, Mike Singletary.

Matt Schaub, Ronde Barber, Chris Canty

Matt Schaub is one of the most famous players to come out of Virginia. He is the best offensive player that the university has ever created.

Jordan Gross, Steve Smith, Alex Smith

Jordan Gross is the most famous player to come out of Utah. Other notables include Eric Weddle and Chris Kemoeatu.

Troy Polamalu, Sam Baker, David Buehler

There is a long list of famous players who hail from USC. Other notables include Matt Cassel, Brian Cushing and Winston Justice.

Wes Welker, Michael Crabtree, Sammy Morris

These famous players all hail from Texas Tech. Go Red Raiders!

Pat Williams, Shane Lechler, Ty Warren

These players are Texas A&M through and through. The Aggies have a long, rich history in the sport.

Brian Orakpo, Colt McCoy, Earl Thomas

The list of famous Texas players is incredibly long. The Longhorns always take things to the next level.

What is the grandaddy of all Bowls?

The Rose Bowl is widely considered the Grandaddy of all Bowls. The first one was played on Jan. 1, 1902.

How many Division 1 divisions are there?

Division 1 football is split into two divisions. These include Division 1-A for larger schools, and Division 1-AA for smaller schools.

Ryan Clady, Chris Carr, Quentin Mikell

Here we have some notable players from Boise State. Ryan Clady is now famously a tackle for the Broncos.

Matt Ryan, Marc Colombo, Dan Koppen

Matt Ryan is probably the most notable player to come out of Boston College. You can't stop that Golden Eagle.

Austin Collie, Max Hall, Chris Hoke

These guys are famous for coming out of BYU. Austin Collie is quickly becoming one of Peyton Manning's go-to wide receivers.

Which school has the most Division 1-A victories?

Michigan has the most Division 1-A victories in history. Yale has the most Division 1-AA victories.

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