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Is anything more appealing at a restaurant than having inside information?  Well, yes.  Probably just getting good food is the most important thing.  But if you could have good food that also is kind of a secret, then that's fun, too.  And that' the appeal behind the secret menus that are available at many of your favorite restaurants across the country.  These things don't get big ad campaigns. Heck, they don't even get listed on the menu board.  But the restaurant has the ingredients to make them and the staff know how to put them together and if you know what to ask for, you can enjoy them, too!

So now the question is, just how many secret menu items do you really know? Can you order Animal-Style Fries as easily as a Land, Sea, and Air Burger?  Would you dare eat a Big McChicken? Could you be at peace with yourself if you ordered the Hypocrite Burger?  There's so much out there, only a true aficionado of the unknown deliciousness in the world could hope to know them all.  So let's see how you do.  Take the quiz and test your knowledge of the secrets behind the fast food menus!

To make the McKinley Burger you swap out the two regular patties of a burger for big one-quarter pound ones. What restaurant will make this behemoth for you?

The McKinley Burger, also called the McKinley Mac, is a Big Mac that you just made a whole lot bigger with patties from a Quarter Pounder. Yes, that's one half pound of beef.

First, you take a frappuccino. Then you take a biscotti. You get the employees at this establishment to blend them together and you have a Biscotti Frappuccino.

The Starbucks Biscotti Frappuccino is a tough one to get sometimes because not every barista will actually make it for you. Is it possible it's against the rules? Maybe. But if you keep trying, it might just happen.

The Hypocrite Burger is what you call it when you put bacon on this hefty restaurant's veggie burger.

Fatburger is more than happy to cover a vegetarian patty with bacon if you ask for it. Presumably, this only exists for people who like the taste of a veggie burger, and not for actual vegetarians. Hopefully.

When you go to this restaurant and order a barnyard burger, you're getting a spicy chicken patty, a beef patty and bacon. Where can you get it?

Wendy's Barnyard Burger gets its name from being a little bit of everything. Make sure the employee knows what you mean, though. Some places will use chicken nuggets or even an egg on this one.

This Incredible Hulk is what you get when you replace the nacho cheese in a 5-layer burrito with guacamole, then remove one tortilla and sour cream and make it fresco. Where can you get it?

Taco Bell's Incredible Hulk is actually a healthy menu item despite how crazy it might like. A fresco taco with no dairy and minus an extra tortilla isn't too bad of an option.

When you're feeling like a cowboy, order a Rodeo Burger. That's a cheeseburger with BBQ sauce and onion rings. What restaurant will make it?

Burger King's Rodeo Burger is pretty simple to make and was actually a real menu item for a while. Arguably you could get this made at a few other restaurants as well, as long as they have onion rings on the menu.

The colossal sandwich known as Meat Mountain contains chicken tenders, turkey, ham, brisket, corned beef, Angus steak, bacon, cheddar cheese and Swiss cheese. Where is it from?

Arby's Meat Mountain has pretty much everything the store sells on it and probably more meat than you'll find on any other menu item, secret or otherwise. It's going to cost you over $10.

The Meat-Free Cheese Slider at this restaurant is literally cheese on a bun. Where is it?

The White Castle Meat-Free Cheese Slider is a cheese sandwich. Some people recommend ordering it with marinara for dipping, but it's still a cheese sandwich. Lower calorie than a lot of things, though.

Take a spicy chicken sandwich and slather it in Buffalo sauce to make the even spicier Buffalo chicken sandwich at this restaurant.

Chick-Fil-A's Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is what happens when a spicy chicken sandwich just isn't spicy enough. They'll cover it in hot Buffalo sauce for you to make sure it has the kick you need.

To make this fried fiend, you need one piece of fried chicken covered with cheese and bacon and then held between two more pieces of fried chicken. Who makes such a thing?

KFC will make you a Triple Down sandwich if you ask. it's like their infamous Double Down that replaced the bun with chicken, but also it adds a new piece of chicken. That's a lot of chicken.

This extremely green beverage known as the Hulk is a mix of Powerade and Vault energy drink. Where can you find it?

Whataburger isn't the only place you could get The Hulk probably, it's just that most places don't offer Powerade and Vault, so it's unlikely you'll ever find this anywhere else.

If you're feeling bulletproof, you can order the Superman - a beef and cheese-filled burrito with added potatoes, sour cream, guacamole, and tortilla strips. Where does it call home?

If you want Taco Bell's Superman burrito, order a Cheesy Double Beef Burrito then get them to include potatoes, sour cream, tortilla strips and guacamole. It's a lot to fit into a burrito, but that's why it's Superman.

They call this the Chocolate Dalmatian. It's hot white chocolate mocha with chocolate chips and java chips. Who sells it?

The Starbucks Chocolate Dalmatian is one of those drinks that only works if you like a textured beverage, because you're going to be drinking a lot of chips in this one.

A Grand Slam Burger is what happens when you take one of this restaurant's normal burgers, then add 3 more beef patties for a total of 4. Where is it?

The Wendy's Grand Slam is neither complicated nor elegant. It's just a really big stack of beef all on one bun, with whatever toppings you feel like adding to four meat patties.

If you like Sprite, you may want to try a Purple Sprite. It's Sprite plus Powerade, lemonade and cranberry juice. Who sells it?

Sonic's Purple Sprite is a pretty famous drink that adds a little pep to your Sprite, if that's a thing you like. If it's mixed correctly, the color should be very bright purple.

The protein-heavy Flying Dutchman is two slices of cheese between two beef patties and nothing else. Who makes it?

In-N-Out's secret menu is actually very popular, but one of the weirder items has to be the Flying Dutchman, which is essentially just a bunch of meat and cheese you hold in your hand. You could always order a bun, too, but then it's just a double cheeseburger.

The Land, Sea and Air Burger is a beef patty, a fish patty, and a chicken patty. Who will create this beast for you?

McDonald's Land, Sea and Air Burger is just a clever way to cover all the protein bases at the restaurant in one burger. You could probably add bacon and cheese to seal the deal, though.

This burger is made from four patties, four slices of cheese, bacon and special sauce. It's either called the Quad Burger or the much more ominous Suicide Burger. Who sells it?

Burger King's Suicide Burger, which they'd prefer you to call a Quad Burger or Quad Stacker, is a lot of meat and cheese in one place. It's also rather cheap, all things considered, and may only cost around $4 depending on where you live.

They call this the quesarito. It's a burrito, only the outer shell is now a cheese-filled quesadilla. It costs a few bucks extra, too. Who sells it?

Chipotle's most famous secret item is arguably the quesarito. it's so popular they started charging about $3.50 extra to make them this way, but you are swapping a plain, single tortilla for two tortillas filled with melted cheese.

This heart-stopping creation is called a Patty Melt, and you can order it by asking for a grilled cheese sandwich that also has a hamburger patty or two on it. Who sells it?

Five Guys makes the Patty Melt, which is just a burger with grilled cheese buns, basically. However, since it's Five Guys, you can also get whatever toppings you want in there and as many beef patties as you like.

This sandwich combines egg and ham with two beef patties for a breakfast plus lunch sandwich called the 10:35. Where could you get it?

The McDonald's 10:35 is not really what it used to be. This thing could previously only be created in a few minute window between when McDonald's switched from the breakfast menu to the lunch menu. Now, with all-day breakfast, it can be made any time.

The uncomfortably named Wet Fries are curly fries that you can get covered in cheddar cheese sauce. Who will create this for you?

Arby's probably could have picked a better name for Wet Fries, or maybe that's just what everyone calls them and they have no choice. In any event, it's their curly fries loaded in cheese sauce. You'll need a fork.

One of the biggest burgers every conceived is the Noah's Ark Burger. It has two chicken patties, two fish, two beef, two slices of bacon and even two veggie patties. Where's it from?

Burger King used to have an option on their website where you could design your own burger, and that was where the Noah's Ark was born. Later, people actually went to the restaurant and made it for real and the rest is history.

If you need an easier to handle dessert, you can get bananas, pineapple, strawberry, chocolate and whipped cream blended into ice cream in a cup at this restaurant.

Dairy Queen's Banana Split Blizzard is everything you'd have in a banana split, only they put it in a cup and blend it up Blizzard style.

This meaty masterpiece is made with a chicken burger, then a beef patty, then chicken, then beef, then chicken again. Maybe some lettuce or cheese in there, too. Where can you get it?

McDonald's Big McChicken is like a Big Mac, only instead of bread, you use McChicken patties. Basically, that makes this an amped-up version of the KFC Double Down, and somehow even less healthy.

Any place serves fries. This restaurant will give them to you covered in cheese, grilled onions and Thousand Island Dressing. What chain is it?

In-N-Out's Animal Style fries are pretty famous for an item that's meant to be secret. They top the fries with the same option you can get on any of the burgers, which are also called Animal Style.

It's called an Ice Cream Sandwich but it's a bit too literal. It's a grilled burger bun with frozen custard in the middle. Where can you get one?

Shake Shack's Ice Cream Sandwich is definitely not an official menu item and it's entirely possible you'll need to assemble it yourself. If you do, just order a grilled bun on the side of an order of their Frozen Custard and put it all together.

For a bit of Southern flair, you can order chicken strips and pancakes at this restaurant to sort of make Chicken and Waffles. What is it?

Whataburger doesn't actually sell waffles, but there is a period of time during the day when pancakes are available and you can make your own pancake and chicken strip meal that's kind of the same as chicken and waffles. Kind of.

Ever wanted to put chili and cheese on a pile of Fritos? This restaurant will do it.

Sonic's Frito Pie is by no means an attractive food item at all. That said, chili and cheese is rarely a visual experience. You can get this at Sonic by just asking for chili and cheese to be put on your Fritos. Simple as that.

To make a Skittles Smoothie at this restaurant, ask for a scoop of lime sherbet, a scoop of frozen yogurt, and a scoop of strawberries to be added to lemonade. Where do you get it?

Jamba Juice will make a number of fun, custom smoothies for you if you know what to ask for. Skittles is just one candy variant; there's also Sour Patch Kids, Reese's Pieces and Gummy Bears.

The Undertow is what you call it when you put three squirts of flavored syrup in a cup, add a bit of milk, then two shots of espresso on top. Who makes it?

Starbucks' Undertow is supposed to be taken a bit like a shot, so you get the espresso at first, then the cooler, flavored parts to follow it up. If you like having some fun with your drink, it might be something to try.

When you're in the mood for pizza but not an actual pizza, this sandwich has pepperoni, cheese, and marinara sauce. Who makes it?

Subway's famous Pizza Sub was on the menu for a while before they took it off. It's still available if you ask for it though and it's still one of the least healthy items on the menu.

This chain will make a Sin City version of their burger if you ask, which comes with bacon and a fried egg on top. Where do you need to go?

Smash Burger is known for offering regional menu items in contrast to most chains. What you can get in one restaurant you can't always get in another. However, some of the items can be found on the secret menu at multiple restaurants, like the Sin City Burger.

You can elevate breakfast pancakes into crepes by ordering a yogurt parfait and covering the pancakes with it. Where can you do this?

McDonald's McCrepes are what you get when you fold your hotcake over a yogurty, fruit-filled parfait and it apparently tastes quite a bit better than it sounds. if you like breakfast, it's worth a try.

If you're watching carbs, this restaurant will do Protein Style burgers, where the bun is tossed and it's wrapped with lettuce instead. What is it?

In-N-Out's Protein Style burgers are just the regular burgers on the menu without the burden of that bun weighing you down. Good for a low-carb or gluten-free diet.

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