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A wedding is supposed to be a happy occasion, but many people get so stressed out trying to plan it that they can hardly enjoy the day when it arrives. Planning a wedding doesn't have to be a nightmare. Can you get through the process unscathed?

What is the first step to properly planning a wedding?

The wisest first step you can take is to set a budget for your wedding. The real challenge, of course, will be sticking to it.


What is the preferred day of the week for weddings?

Despite the name, Wednesdays are not great days for a wedding. Plan your wedding for the weekend -- Saturdays are best -- so that your guests can have the most flexibility in making their arrangements.


How far in advance should you book a reception hall?

Many reception halls are booked for months, so start trying to book a hall as soon as possible. If you have your heart set on a specific location, you need to give yourself as much as a year in advance.


How should you determine the price range of an engagement ring?

According to tradition, the cost of an engagement ring should be equal to two months salary. Experts agree the cost should not exceed that amount.


What are the four C's of purchasing a diamond?

When purchasing a diamond you should consider the four C's: color, clarity, cut, and carat.


Why should you avoid publishing your address when announcing an engagement in a magazine or newspaper?

While you're planning your wedding, some savvy burglars are planning their crimes. A house full of engagement gifts makes a perfect target, so don't draw too much attention to yourselves.


What is the best way to set a guest list when you have a limited budget.

Don't go into debt trying to host a reception for more guests than you can afford. Set a limit on the number of guests, and pare your list down to suit your budget.


Who is traditionally responsible for sending out the wedding invitations?

Usually the wedding invitations are sent by the parents of the bride. Some couples, however, prefer to send the invitation themselves.


Guests receive their own wedding invitation starting at what age?

Even though the age of adulthood is 18, the tradition is to send invitations to any guest over the age of 16.


What percentage of a wedding budget do most people spend on flowers and music.

People usually spend around 10 percent of their wedding budget on the cost of flowers and music.


Which of these techniques can really help with proof reading?

Reading backwards forces you to isolate words. It will help you catch careless errors.


Which of these music options is the most economical?

A good DJ can create a wonderful mood for much less money than a band. He will also be able to play the original versions of your favorite songs.


How soon should you start looking for a photographer?

Good photographers are in very high demand. They are often booked months is advance, so tend to this task right away.


Which of these should most strongly influence your choice of photographer and videographer?

Recommendations and reputation indeed go a long way, but in the end you either like the work or you don't. Always carefully review a portfolio before deciding whether to hire a particular artist.


How can you save money on photography?

Rather than hire someone from a posh studio, try to find an independent photographer. They might work at a slower pace, but their prices are often much better.


What is the purpose of a receiving line?

A receiving line, which is formed immediately after the ceremony, allows guests to congratulate the new couple before the reception begins.


Approximately how much of your wedding budget should you plan to spend on catering?

Catering is one of the main expenses of a wedding. It often consumes 35 to 40 percent of the budget.


How can you reduce the amount of money you spend on wedding attire?

Renting formal wear has become a very popular way to save money. If you have a standard frame, you should consider renting your attire rather than paying huge sums for clothes you might never wear again.


What is the purpose of a gift registry?

A registry allows guests to provide the couple with gifts they know the couple will need. It also helps avoid redundant gifts.


What sort of gift warrants a thank you card?

Etiquette dictates that you send a thank you card for any and every gift you receive.


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