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Do you live and breathe bridal gowns? Are you a bona fide wedding dress expert? Take this quiz to find out!

Which of the following fabrics would never be used for a wedding dress?

You’d be hard-pressed to find a wedding dress made of chambray, a type of woven cotton that’s usually blue.


If you’re bustling your wedding dress so the train is tucked under the gown, what type of bustle are you creating?

The French bustle is also known as an under bustle.


Which type of train extends from the bride’s shoulders or upper back?

The elegant Watteau train is a unique choice, as it begins at the shoulders or upper back and usually stops at the hemline of the dress.


How far in advance of your wedding date should you order your dress?

Most bridal boutiques recommend placing an order for your gown 6-9 months before your wedding date.


What is ruching?

Ruching refers to a section of fabric that’s been pleated, folded or gathered – typically at the waist or sides to create a slimming effect.


Of the following wedding dress necklines, which is the most modest?

Almost any neckline can be raised to accommodate a bride’s comfort level (or lowered to show off her assets!), but one of the most modest necklines is the bateau, which dips no lower than the collarbones.


Which of these headpieces originated in the 1940s?

The face-framing, netted veil otherwise known as a birdcage veil came into vogue in the 1940s. It's finding popularity now with brides who want add vintage flair to their wedding-day look.


If you’re after the longest, most dramatic veil, which is your go-to piece?

The cathedral veil is the longest, most formal type of veil. If you’re considering a cathedral veil, be sure the formality of this accessory complements your dress and venue.


Of the following wedding dress sleeves, which will typically offer the most coverage?

Fitted sleeves usually run from three-quarters to the entire length of the arm, offering the most coverage.


Which type of wedding dress does not require alterations?

This is a trick question -- all wedding dresses need some kind of alteration, whether it's at the hem, bust or waist. Build the cost of alterations into your wedding dress budget to ensure you get the perfect gown with the perfect fit!


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